Published on March 21, 2019

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Courtesy of Milo

In the age of Instagram, it’s hard not to get swept up in the bright new things that permeate our feeds on a daily basis. The latest trend caught our attention is the sudden uptick of culinary staples—think Dutch ovens, knives, and cutting boards—reinvented with a noticeably millennial twist. Brands such as Great Jones and Material are leading the charge, offering direct-to-consumer kitchen essentials, often at a fraction of the price, in unexpected colorways and cheeky patterns.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, with a budget not quite aligned with that of an established cook’s, I consider myself the target demographic—not to mention the fact that I can truly appreciate these brands’ allegiance to providing a high-quality product that’s aesthetically pleasing and comparable to the classics in functionality.

Ahead are the nouveau culinary brands that are breaking the mold, offering a 2019-approved refresh on an industry dominated by legacy cookware. Read on for the brands we here at Domino are personally obsessed with.


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Courtesy of Milo

The hype:

Affordable cookware with a design-forward build is hard to come by, and one that promises to last the test of time, even more so. Enter Milo. The new brand currently only offers two products—a Dutch oven and cast-iron skillet—but we can definitely see the line expanding in the near future. With a no-frills approach to form or function, Milo’s ethos is all about providing quality cookware at affordable prices for kitchen pros and newbies alike.

What to buy: The Dutch Oven

Accolades: 96% of the 325 reviewers gave this five stars.

What Domino editors have to say…

“What I like about the Milo Dutch oven is its can-do-it-all capabilities. I live in a really tiny space and I don’t cook a ton. Thus, I don’t have many/any pots and pans. I can use this piece for practically everything. Soups? Check. Roasted carrots? Check. A sunny-side up egg? Sorry foodies, but yep.

“I like the Milo design specifically because it’s trying to shake up the big-retailer Dutch oven industry (which is a thing, apparently). And it’s stark white, which just feels super fresh and minimalist. Plus, it’s pretty darn cheap—$75.” — Kristin Limoges, wellness editor


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Courtesy of Material

The hype: It seems like Material shot to fame overnight, taking over our Instagram feeds in one no-fail swoop. Geared toward the home cook, the founders of the brand were keen on creating a line that benefited real-life cooking—“Our cooking doesn’t happen in Michelin-star kitchens with endless space and limitless gadgetry,” the website says. It also helps that it has cookbook author and chef Alison Roman backing up its product.

What to buy: The Iconics and the Angled Board

Accolades: 195 (and growing!) five-star reviews.

What Domino editors have to say…

“Material’s knives are easily the best I’ve owned: Chopping up vegetables hardly feels like a chore when the blade glides through crunchy vegetables without any effort.

“The Iconics set looks beautiful on my countertop and comes close to replacing the collection of cooking tools I’ve already amassed—everything is as high-quality as it is aesthetically pleasing.” — Rebecca Deczynski, digital editor


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Courtesy of Misen

The hype: It’s no secret that high-quality knives can be significantly costly. Avid home cooks, who require more than just one, will typically find themselves at a loss when faced with having to invest in additional options. Milo is here to change that. The cookware brand’s knife selection averages around $60 (talk about a steal) and incorporates a diverse array of staples: think utility, serrated, and paring knives, to name a few.

What to buy: The Chef’s Knife

Accolades: 4.5 stars out of 3419 reviews.

What Domino editors have to say…

“Other than the fact that this knife set is highly Instagrammable (I have the Essentials Knife Set in French blue), they’re ultra-sharp and really comfortable to hold. I think having great knives teaches you how to take good care of your cutlery—to never put them in the dishwasher and to properly clean them after each use.

“The larger chef’s knife has really improved my chopping game—all the way down to how I hold the blade (by the blade and the handle like a true chef) and has convinced me that you really don’t need a large assortment of knives. Only two to three good ones will do.” — Gabrielle Savoie, senior home editor

Made In

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Courtesy of Made In

The hype: One of the biggest pain points of living in a small space is the lack of storage. Finding room for your growing collection of pots and pans fits right in with this narrative. Made In is here to change all that with its universal lid. Imagine having one pot cover to fit nearly every piece of cookware you own. Bonus points for the fact that this one can withstand high temperatures and comes with a stainless steel interior that can withstand normal wear and tear.

What to buy: Silicone Universal Lid

Accolades: 97% of 849 reviewers gave this one five stars.

What Domino editors have to say…

I store the majority of my pots and pans in my oven, and bulky lids rarely ever make the cut. The universal lid is a serious game changer for my small space.” — Anna Kocharian, digital editor

Great Jones

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Courtesy of Great Jones

The hype:

We’ve seen our fair share of Dutch ovens, skillets, and standard saucepans and we can all agree on one thing: They’re relatively uniform at this point. Enter Great Jones. The Dutchess—the brand’s updated rendition of an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven—is available in a slew of inspired colorways in a chic matte finish. Its oval shape (prime for searing and browning), dark gray interior (for hiding stains, no less), and ergonomically friendly handles are just a few of the thoughtful details that went into the design of this updated classic.

What to buy: The Dutchess or Deep Cut

Accolades: A growing list of foodies and chefs who claim this one as “a must.”

What Domino editors have to say…

“Leave it to this line of cookware to inspire me to make dinner in my tiny city studio. I love the sleek and streamlined build of the Deep Cut and how it’s perfect for just about any recipe I tackle.” — Anna Kocharian, digital editor

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