We Just Added 28 New Products to Our Stripy Collab With Heather Taylor Home

In four fresh color combinations.
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Earlier this year, a few months after our first HTH x Domino collection debuted, I was sitting at chief creative officer Kate Berry’s dining room table among a pile of fabric strips. Berry was literally piecing together the initial color combo of what would become just one of the four brand-new styles in our stripe-filled collaboration, which launches today. 

Arriving just in time for outdoor entertaining, the latest assortment—shot on location on Shelter Island in New York—spans tablecloths, table runners, napkins, placemats, tea towels, tissue box covers, and pillows (petite and standard), ranging from $38 to $325. And like the first collection, it’s the bold, saturated shades that give these designs the Domino stamp. 

heather taylor and kate berry
emerald and sky tablescape

“I am in love with the gorgeous color combinations that Kate and I dreamed up for this collection,” Heather Taylor says. “They each feel like a fresh take on summer classics.” And, indeed, they have warm weather baked into their design DNA: tomato and blue, lemon and sand, emerald and sky, and navy and blue. Pleated and scalloped trim abound, as do mini, midi, and maxi stripes. Berry notes that while certain shades are punchy, they are always paired with a softer hue that keeps things grounded. “There’s a balance,” she says. “For example, the yellow adds a pop of color, but the sand blends in with other neutrals.” Below, get a primer on how we’d style each option and a look at the fresh drop.

Tomato and Blue

tomato and blue tablescape

This duo is a perennial favorite color combination of Domino editors. For a dinner party, go playful and casual with a cascade of matching heirloom tomatoes as your centerpiece, Sabre flatware, and Helen Levi’s rainbow splatter dishes. Or follow Taylor’s lead: “Swapping out my older tea towels for these summery colorways will freshen up my kitchen for the season ahead,” she says.

HTH x Domino Mini Stripe Tomato & Blue Napkins, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Tomato & Blue Tea Towel, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Tomato & Blue Petite Pillow, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Tomato & Blue Placemat, Heather Taylor Home


Lemon and Sand

lemon and sand tablescape
lemon and sand tablescape

“The yellow and sand runner with the scalloped edge is a forever piece,” Taylor says. “It’s so chic and happy.” Berry adds that the pinkish color balances the citron in just the right way without going too beach club. Set peachy pinwheel plates on top for another take on stripes (as long as you vary the scale, you can never have enough).

HTH x Domino Lemon & Sand Runner, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Lemon & Sand Napkins, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Wide Stripe Lemon & Sand Pillow, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Lemon & Sand Tissue Box Cover, Heather Taylor Home


Navy and Blue

navy blue tablescape

“Blues are neutrals to me,” Berry states. This tonal pair lays a cool monochrome foundation that’s timeless yet of the moment. Pair it with some tomato and blue pieces—they actually share the same mid-blue tone—and add Georg Jensen Berandotte cutlery to instantly elevate basic barbecue fare.

HTH x Domino Navy & Blue Placemat, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Navy & Blue Petite Pillow, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Navy & Blue Tablecloth, Large, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Medium Stripe Navy & Blue Napkins, Heather Taylor Home


Emerald and Sky

emerald and sky tablescape

Taylor envisions leaving the emerald and sky runner on her outdoor table all summer long. While you can’t go wrong with green on green, add some hits of unexpected lilac—the actual flowers count!—and your afternoon oysters will never look better.

HTH x Domino Emerald & Sky Tea Towel, Heather Taylor Home


HTH x Domino Emerald & Sky Runner, Heather Taylor Home

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