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A tablecloth is the backdrop to a dinner party. When setting the stage for your delicious bites to follow, you could go for a muted all-white vibe, maximal pattern-on-pattern look, or beachy cabana energy. If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet with a few strong options, you can choose your own adventure every time. 

But where to begin? Glad you asked. Cultiver, Parachute, and Bed Threads have impressed us with their bedding night after night, and considering tablecloths from these brands are made out of the exact same linen, we know they’re just as sound. If you’re in the market for a real showstopper, the striped cottons from our just-dropped collab with Heather Taylor Home are an excellent place to start. And if the goal is to ball on a budget, Amazon has a few options that actually look quite expensive. Shop the best tablecloths by style, below, as your big party plans for 2024 await.  

Our Favorite Tablecloth Brands

Best solid tablecloths: Cultiver
Best striped tablecloths: Heather Taylor Home
Best gingham tablecloths: Schoolhouse
Best floral tablecloths: Food52 x St. Frank
Best budget tablecloths: IKEA

Best Solid Tablecloths

Before you delve into the world of prints, it’s good to have at least one solid in your collection. But just because it’s solid doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Two examples: Amazon’s ruffle trim adds a cottagecore flair, and Hay’s contrast stitching adds an unexpected pop of red to an otherwise neutral piece.

Best Striped Tablecloths

We’re big fans of stripes here at Domino—in other words, we go crazy for them. Wide, narrow, bright, soft; you truly can’t go wrong. It’s no wonder editor-favorite Hawkins New York chose a stripe as its pattern debut. It’s offered in six tone-on-tone colorways. 

Best Gingham Tablecloths

Gingham can make even an urban high-rise feel like a country home. Schoolhouse’s unique cocktail of coral and cornflower blue has our heart, but we’re also crushing on the subtle fringe of Serena & Lily’s cotton staple. 

Best Floral Tablecloths

A floral pattern can take you in many directions, from a traditional Suzani print to stylized tulip illustrations. When it comes to busier patterns, just opt for solid napkins and dinnerware to balance it all out.

Best Budget Tablecloths

Let’s be honest: Dinner parties can get a little messy. Red wine will inevitably spill and tomato sauce will splash. So if you’re not trying to break the bank on a tablecloth, this is your section. When seeking a deal, we look no further than IKEA: Its Vippstarr style is just $6. (Yep, you read that right.) But it’s more than just inexpensive. Made from 100% unbleached cotton, the thin red stitching adds an effortless French flair. 

Our Shopping Checklist


There’s no standard size for a tablecloth; you’ll want to pick one according to your table size as well as the type of occasion. For casual gatherings, tablecloths should hang down 6 to 8 inches. For formal events, it can hang down between 8 and 12 inches. So just take your table dimensions and add double the amount you want it to hang down to each side. Easy enough! 

Fabric Types  

Domino editors prefer linen and cotton when it comes to tablecloths, but they aren’t the only fiber sources for this tabletop accessory. There are plenty of polyester options on the market, but we’d avoid those. However, you don’t have to say “no” outright to a blend. Of course, 100% cotton and linen are the cream of the crop for this category, but they will require a bit more upkeep; just a hair of polyester added in can mean the difference of not having to iron with every use. Color-, pattern-, and texture-wise—have fun! Just keep a few things in mind: How your tablecloth choice works with your napkins, and how everything will pair with your chosen glasses and flatware. 


Most picks on this list can be tossed in a washing machine without worry (just stick to cold water and delicate cycles). If you’re struggling to get those wrinkles out, take it out of the wash while it’s still damp and iron on reverse.

Ask Domino

Q: Every time I take my tablecloth out of the linen closet, it has creases from folding. How can I get rid of them without using an ironing board?

If you’re setting the table a few hours before your party, hitting those creases with a spray bottle filled with water is a great trick for releasing lines. When the fabric dries, they’ll be out of sight. 

Additionally, you’d be surprised how much plates, serveware, candles, vases, and whatever you style your table with will conceal the lines. There’s no way your guests’ eyes will go toward the subtle lines when they’re covered by a beautiful tablescape. 

Q: Would you ever layer a tablecloth with placemats?

Never say never! While this can look a bit crowded when done wrong, we think placemats in a contrasting material can be layered over a tablecloth. Think: wicker or resin placemats over a linen tablecloth. Chargers would be a safe bet, as they’re often smaller, and their purpose is more decorative and about complementing the plate rather than protecting the table and catching dropped food.