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We see it in the projects of the biggest design names out there, from Sarah Sherman Samuel to Leanne Ford to Jeremiah Brent: ultra-neutral, whitewashed, beige-on-beige, oak wood–filled projects. And frankly, we’re in awe of their restraint to keep every single piece in the palette. Yet lately, we’ve been inspired by a pop of color to break up the beige. Well, not just any color: bright, fire-engine red. Think of it as the evolution of tomato girl summer—but far less specific and with a bit more longevity.  

The trend has already made its way into our closets and even our sock drawers. Just one crimson touch, whether that’s a pair of Adidas or a sweater thrown over the shoulders, can transform the simplest outfit. But rather than a drape a scarf around your neck, why not see red in a throw blanket across your bed, the pillows on your sofa, or any other accent pieces in whitewashed company? Just like it does for your sartorial style, introducing the hue brings a lighthearted cheekiness to a room while also adding an unexpected focal point. Start with our 26 picks, below.

Kitchen Cuties

Red accents lend a touch of retro to cook spaces. Just peek at designer Nick T. Poe’s kitchen; the red trash can and espresso machine add a heritage Americana look to an otherwise neutral space. The color is also welcome in a table setting, giving dinner parties festive energy through serveware, linens, and more.

Details, Details, Details

The beauty of this trend is that it doesn’t take much to dig in. A single picture frame, decorative bowl, or tabletop organizer can offer the touch you’re looking for. 

More Than Just a Pop

In a room full of neutral furniture, these picks will add contrast with a bang rather than a soft pop. Some of our favorite large-ticket items are the least expensive, too, like IKEA’s $125 bentwood chair or Urban Outfitters’s powder-coated metal desk for $199. So go bold—we’ll be here rooting for you.