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Nothing evokes summer like the act of slicing into an heirloom tomato. But this year, the seasonal ingredient is more than just the base of a very good salad or sandwich. Meet tomato girl summer, a TikTok trend with more than 209 million views that celebrates the wholesome energy of our favorite fruit. The vibe is all about laid-back living, tending to your garden, and taking seaside walks. If an aesthetic could be buying produce from a farmers’ market in Italy and eating it at golden hour on a dock while reading a romance novel, it would be this.

While tomato girl summer might sound a lot like last year’s viral look, pops of bright red make it a little bit cheeky; coastal grandmother’s flirty granddaughter, if you will, who bought a one-way ticket to Sorrento.  

The trend centers mostly on fashion—celebrities like Hailey Beiber and Billie Eilish have dressed the part—but because TGS revolves around a lifestyle, it’s only natural to embrace it in your home decor, too. So go ahead, swap in limoncello-colored bedding, use a garden trug as a fruit bowl, and decant your olive oil into a stainless steel cruet. Never fear, we threw in some fashion and pantry items, too, because this is a trend you’re going to want to go all in on. 

Set the Backdrop for a Tomato-Filled Feast

Entertaining is one of the tomato girl’s core values. Breaking sourdough bread with friends around a preferably alfresco table should involve red gingham, aquatic glassware, and as much hand-painted pottery as possible. Because many of her dinner parties are actually picnics, a classic basket like this is essential. 

Transform Your Home Into a Seaside Escape

You know the feeling of waking up on the first day of a vacation? That’s what the true tomato girl wakes up to every day—with the right decor, that is. Think: fresh and airy linens, vintage-inspired lace throw blankets, and the scent of tomato vines wafting through the air.

Serve Tomatoes—And Looks

Owning this style at home is one thing, but bringing it out into the world involves some wardrobe juggling. Anything with an antipasto motif is a no-brainer; just be sure to top things off with a silk citrus-clad bandana in your hair, a fishnet-esque bag, or a touch of rosy highlighter and a spritz of vacation-scented perfume. Make it look like you spent the day under the sun even if you just sat at your desk.

Stock Your Pantry for Impromptu Picnics 

If you’re doing tomato girl right, you’re mainly shopping at the local farmers’ market. But there are some summery pantry goods you can order online, like a tinned fish trio and a comically large bucket of Maldon salt, to keep your kitchen stocked.