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It’s hard enough finding quality kitchen tools that last longer than five years, let alone a lifetime. And when you do discover them, you can almost always count on dropping a wince-worthy chunk of change on the good stuff. Luckily, Klarna and Reddit have joined forces to curate a Buy It for Life List—a roundup of items that the platform’s community has deemed the longest lasting. Through the power of ChatGPT and a team of analysts, Klarna scanned the r/buyitforlife subreddit to clock the most frequently mentioned products in 2022. The results were then filtered by positive and neutral sentiments to narrow down the best of the best. 

Naturally, we went straight for the home goods. Whether you’re working on your wedding registry or tired of replacing plates with every move, here’s what to add to your kitchen, now and forever. 

The Dinnerware That Never Quits

Corelle may not offer the most thrilling designs, but the solid colorways are easy to accessorize. One Redditor swears by the plain white set and has plans to pepper in more style with their other kitchen pieces (we’re imagining them on top of a crisp linen tablecloth with colorful taper candles sprinkled in between). Another shares that their mom has had the same set for 49 years. At just $65 for decades of use, this set has some serious ROI.


The Pan Your Kids Will Thank You For

Le Creuset’s rainbow-hued options alone make its cookware a no-brainer purchase, but the French-made products are also low-key heirlooms. From full sets passed down for generations to decades-old pieces that still look brand-new, the subreddit is swimming with stories of Technicolor saucepans that earn endless praise, from grandmas to Gen-Zers. 

The Teakettle That Whistles for Decades

The thing about timeless products is that they don’t come cheap. When it came to their full set of All-Clad pots and pans, one user stands by the “buy once, cry once” mantra. Purchasing pieces slowly over the years helps soften the blow, as does a deal like this marked-down teakettle. And even if you choose to splurge, it’s an easier pill to swallow when it’s meant to last a lifetime.