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I never thought I’d be a bidet person, and truthfully, I never really wanted to be. But after visiting a high-tech hotel with a fully outfitted throne, it was hard to turn back from the automatic lid-opening, seat-warming, washing, drying, and self-flushing features that made me spend more time in the bathroom than at the spa. Once I got back from my trip, I found myself missing that fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling, so I got a fully loaded Omigo SL attachment for my seat at home. By now, I’ve gotten so accustomed to that refreshing spray that I decided to try the brand’s travel bidet, too. Here’s how it went. 

The $17 on-the-go version is discreet, easy to use, and actually kind of cute. With no necessary electric or water line hookups, it’s basically just a collapsible water bottle with a pop-up nozzle. I opted for black, but it also comes in an inky blue and a Barbie-approved pink. Fully packed down, it’s about the size of a softball and fits into a convenient little drawstring bag I can easily toss in my weekender. 

When the time came to give it a go, I pulled the silicone into its fully extended shape, twisted off the top, and filled it with tap water. A tip: If you plan to use it right away, keep the temp in mind—a cold spray to the bottom can either be startling or refreshing depending on your preference. After replacing the lid, I pushed the button on top to release the nozzle. Following the instructions from a QR code on the original packaging, I reached around my back, bottle in hand, and—ensuring the spraying end was just inside the toilet bowl—gave it a good squeeze. From that point on, it’s pretty much just rinse and repeat as needed.

I won’t lie, it’s absolutely awkward holding a bottle to my bum, and I definitely prefer all the bells and whistles of my at-home version, where I can simply sit back and relax, but if you’re looking for freshness on the go, this gets the job done. I won’t go so far as to bring this on every vacation or to family visits with those who haven’t yet jumped on the bidet bandwagon, but it will definitely come in clutch on a camping trip or at a music festival where a little refresh goes a long way. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.