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Despite the fact that toilet talk can sometimes be awkward, there’s a lot to be said about bidets. On top of creating more hygienic bathroom visits for yourself and cutting down on TP use, they’re also, dare we say, a bit fun to use? Seat warmers, customizable water pressure, and even air-dryers are all snazzy features you’ll discover when looking at the best bidet toilet seats (and we haven’t even mentioned the remote controls!). So don’t wait any longer and continue, below, to see our picks plus all the answers to the questions you may have had about bidet toilet seats but were too shy to ask.

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Toto C5 Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet Toilet Seat, Toto ($492 was $819)

Shape: Elongated | Type: Electric  | Seat warmer: Yes | Remote control: Yes

What we like:

  • Good value for electric bidet
  • Converts ions in water to gentle cleansing agent
  • Aerated warm water with adjustable pressure

Worth noting:

  • Only available in elongated

Why we chose it: It’s sleek, stacked with features, and competitively priced for a luxury electric bidet.

We’re all about continuous improvement, which is why Toto’s C5 bidet toilet seat feels like the perfect overall pick. Improving upon its C200 model, the new C5 is less bulky, easier to clean, and designed with fewer gaps between the seat and the body. And if you’re not acquainted with the features, those are where the real fun kicks in. It’s designed with a dual-action spray that has an oscillating and pulsating feature for an allover clean effect. The water temperature and pressure are adjustable, and the warm air-dry has three temperature settings. But don’t sleep on the heated seat with temperature control—it’s like a spa day for your tush. To customize and control all of these features, a slim wireless remote with an illuminated touch pad is included.

An automatic air deodorizer and the brand’s Ewater+ feature converts ions in your tap water into a gentle cleansing agent (the wand cleans itself on the inside and outside). It’s also created with the company’s Premist function, which sprays cleaning mist in the bowl before each use. Really, there are no bad things to say about this bidet toilet seat, aside from the fact that it’s only designed in an elongated shape. 

Best Seat Warmer: Tushy Ace Electric Bidet Seat

Ace Electric Bidet Seat, TUSHY ($399 was $599)

Shape: Elongated, round | Type: Electric  | Seat warmer: Yes | Remote control: Yes

What we like:

  • Installation takes only around 20 minutes
  • All functions managed with a remote control
  • Seat warmer with 5 temperature settings

Worth noting:

  • Water takes longer to reach your bum with electric model

Why we chose it: Easy to install and replete with fancy functions, this bidet seat will transform your toilet into a toasty throne.

Earlier this year, we put Tushy’s electric bidet to the test—and our reviewer was instantly smitten. For starters, setup was a cinch. “I was so very wrong to be intimidated by the installation process,” writer Erin Scottberg explains. “It was insanely easy, requiring nothing more than a screwdriver and about 20 minutes, thanks mostly to a well-written and well-illustrated instruction book.”

And once it was up and running, all was smooth sailing. The nifty functions include seat and water temperatures, angle and strength of the bidet stream, and a drying function (all managed via remote control as well as a set of controls built into the side of the seat). The seat warmer was her favorite feature, which is warm enough for frigid temps even at three-fourths power. 

Her one complaint about the Ace was the length of time it takes for the water to hit your bum after you use the remote to tell it to. “This is because while the original model relies on your home’s water pressure to go into ‘Bum Wash’ mode (which happens immediately), this one has an electric nozzle that retracts when not in use and is also self-cleaning,” she explained. It’s also worth noting that the price recently dropped from $599 to $499, making it an even better value.

Best Value: SmartBidet SB2000

SB-2000 Electric Bidet Seat, SmartBidet ($249 was $299)

Shape: Round, elongated | Type: Electric  | Seat warmer: Yes | Remote control: No

What we like:

  • Round option
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable dryer

Worth noting:

  • No remote

Why we chose it: A budget pick ideal for renters—because we know you have that standard round toilet.

As a bidet enthusiast, both for the product’s cleanliness and low-waste aspects, Domino’s deputy commerce editor, Samantha Weiss-Hills, finally took the plunge with SmartBidet’s SB2000 at home. (Yes, the name sounds like that of a computer or spaceship from the future.) She reports that the installation process proved a breeze. After reviewing the instructions—carefully; nobody needs a leaky hose—it took all of 20 minutes to install. While there is no remote included, the side panel of controls is easy to use and not too clunky (although it’s not the most design forward). Weiss-Hills loves that the seat warmer activates only if skin is in contact with the product, and the heated air-dryer can be set to whatever is comfortable for the user. There are three cleaning options, and you can adjust water pressure and nozzle positioning. The soft-close lid encourages just that, and you can kiss your toilet paper needs goodbye.

Best Splurge: Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Omigo, Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat ($499)

Shape: Elongated, round | Type: Electric  | Seat warmer: Yes | Remote control: Yes

What we like:

  • Programmable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Sanitizes and deodorizes

Worth noting:

  • Pricey 
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing

Why we chose it: Seven spray positions ensure you hit the right spots.

If a gamut of highly personalized features is what you seek, this will take your time in the loo from bathroom break to spa-level retreat. Along with the air-dryer and programmable-by-remote control, there are four temperatures for both seat (which gets pretty toasty, but we’re not complaining) and water warmth (not to mention variations of spray width and pressure, too). The oscillating nozzle will quickly become a favorite feature for those who want a one-and-done encounter, but whatever settings you have in place, assistant editor Raven McMillan confirms you can always depend on a nice front-to-back refresh with the push of the “move” button. 

But the hands-off cleaning experience, she says, is the biggest benefit. Not only is the nozzle self-rinsing, it’s self-sterilizing thanks to the chemical-free, silver-ion technology that never has to be replaced—the process takes about one minute (but you can stop it earlier if you choose). This, paired with deodorization benefits of copper and a three-year warranty, makes its steep price tag worth the splurge. The only downside might be it’s not as sleek, but the time you spend on the seat makes up for the lack of aesthetics.

Best Nonelectric: Bio Bidet by Bemis Slim Zero Bidet Seat 

Slim Zero Bidet Toilet Seat, Bio Bidet ($99 was $129)

Shape: Elongated | Type: Nonelectric  | Seat warmer: No | Remote control: No

What we like:

  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • Night-light
  • Retractable dual nozzle

Worth noting:

  • Features are limited

Why we chose it: A slim bidet toilet seat that despite being nonelectric still looks luxe.

While an electric bidet toilet seat is like a playground of fun features, you might prefer a pared-back approach that’s both simpler and cheaper—if so, make your pick this nonelectric bidet toilet seat. The spray works through a water pressure system that’s activated by a chrome-plated side lever, and the seat is designed with a dual nozzle should you desire a front-to-rear refresh. We also love that this model comes with a night-light for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips; and the slow close lid is nice if you find the sound of slamming a tad irritating (don’t we all?). 

Because the design is slim and sleek (read: not medical-looking), the setup is pretty turnkey and comes with all the tools you need to install, including a solid brass valve. It also comes with AA batteries, which you’ll need for the night-light (the light turns red when it’s time to replace them).

Best Programmable: Brondell Swash CL2200 Bidet Toilet Seat

Swash CL2200 Bidet Toilet Seat , Brondell ($699)

Shape: Elongated, round | Type: Electric  | Seat warmer: Yes | Remote control: Yes

What we like:

  • Warm air-dryer
  • Slim design
  • Customizable

Worth noting:

  • Pricey

Why we chose it: A high-end bidet that programs your very own custom toilet experience.

If the idea of spending upwards of $600 on a toilet seat doesn’t have you slowly backing away, allow us to make the case for Brondell’s new ultrathin CL2200. For starters, the design is truly quite slim in comparison to other luxury models of this caliber, which satiates the aesthete in us. But beyond looks, this model has it all—an endless warm-water wash that’s temperature controlled, and the pressure can be customized; a three-level-heated seat for a toasty behind; a multicolored LED night-light; a five-level warm air-dryer; and even an activated charcoal filter that’s deodorizing.

Taking it a step further, this seat is controlled with a wireless remote that can be—wait for it—programmed! Meaning, if you’ve got a special situation (perhaps you’re postpartum and would like a front refresh, as well), you can create a bespoke toilet experience for up to two users. 

On Our Radar

For the ultimate luxury upgrade, Duravit’s SensoWash Starck Bidet Seat is interior designer Lisa le Duc’s choice. “This is my favorite bidet toilet seat,” she shares. “I find it the easiest to use, and it has the most elegant aesthetics.”

How We Chose These Products

There were three main attributes we were looking for when researching the best bidet toilet seats: style, ease of setup, and range of features. Because they have the tendency to look a tad medical, we skipped clunky models and went straight for the slim, sleek designs. Next, we made sure that the options we included came with easy-to-follow instructions (water leaks aren’t cute). And lastly, we sought out bidet toilet seats that ran the gamut—heated seats, air-dryers, night-lights, and beyond. Domino editors tested several models, and we also spoke with a couple of experts about what else we should be looking for and the innate benefits of using this handy add-on. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Fun fact: Toilet seats are sold by shape, not length. So when you’re looking for a bidet toilet seat, you’ll generally be choosing between elongated and round. Elongated is usually around the 18- to 19.5-inch mark, while round is between 16 and 17 inches. Beyond lid silhouette, for bidet toilet seats specifically, some models will have the features built into the side of the seat, which is particularly useful if you don’t feel like using the remote.


There’s no need to call a plumber—most bidet toilet seats are easily installed on your own. “More recently, since nonelectric bidet seats work so well and are easy to install, we put outlets behind the primary bath toilet as an upgrade,” Brooklyn Home Company cofounder Bill Caleo shares. If you’re going for an electric model, the installation might take a bit more effort (e.g., finding an outlet and determining if an extension cord is required), but shouldn’t take longer than a half hour. 

You’ll want to follow the specific instructions that come with your bidet toilet seat, but the typical steps are as follows: Turn off your water supply, flush the tank, remove the existing toilet seat, connect to the water line, attach the new seat, complete the water connection, and plug it in (checking for alignment and leaks along the way, of course).


Ah, yes—our favorite part. Electric bidet toilet seats come with a plethora of features that elevate the bathroom experience. “A few I’d call out when looking for a bidet toilet seat include a heated seat, night-light, soft close, quick release, and warm air-dryer,” le Duc says (quick release meaning it’s designed to be removed fast and effortlessly). Adjustable water pressure and the direction of the spray (front versus rear) are two other features that will directly impact your bidet experience. You’ll also want to look for bidet toilet seats that come with self-cleaning nozzles that automatically retract when you’re not using them, and sensors so the bidet only works when seated. And to really seal the deal, if you can control all of these with a remote control, all the better.

Ask Domino

Q: How common are bidets?

“Understandably, it’s not an amenity buyers really like to talk about openly on a walk-through of a new home offering,” Caleo explains. “But we believe in bidets, focus on them during the design process, and I think they are gaining popularity in the minds of buyers.”

Q: Can you add a bidet to an existing toilet?

Bidet toilet seats are meant to be added to existing toilets, simply replacing the original toilet seat lid. 

Q: What is the difference between a washlet and a bidet?

A washlet is another word for a bidet toilet seat, while a bidet is a freestanding fixture (you find these more in Europe than the States).

The Last Word

Cut down on your toilet paper use and amp up your experience with one of the best bidet toilet seats. Aside from the innate benefits of hygiene, they also make an otherwise mundane bathroom visit feel way more special thanks to features like a heated seat and air-dryer. Toto’s C5 model offers great value, has a refreshed sleek design, and comes with all the fun-to-use features you could ever ask for.