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Reading up on Domino’s shopping guides is like having your own personal product concierge. We do the tedious part—deep-dive research, hands-on testing, and tapping experts for advice—so all you have to do is hit “add to cart.” That’s why we call them Simply the Best.

Good lighting works like magic. Think about it: The best floor lamps have the power to completely change not only the look of a room—altering the appearance of paint, fabrics, finishes, and more—but an entire mood with the mere flick of a switch. When chosen well, they can turn a cramped den into an intimate reading nook or make a windowless home office feel expansive. 

Finding the right floor lamp starts with assessing your needs. For instance, do you want to feel relaxed or energized? A drum shade diffuses a warm glow that’s perfect for evening hangouts, whereas a directed, pharmacy style can more sharply illuminate an area for last-minute work tasks. Whether you’re searching for a multiglobe option or a tubular statement piece that deserves to be the center of attention, we found 10 standout designs to help you find your light. 

Our Favorites

Best Value: Walmart Rattan Metal Floor Lamp 

Black Metal Floor Lamp with Rattan Shade
Better Homes & Gardens Black Metal Floor Lamp with Rattan Shade, Walmart ($89 was $99)

If space is hard to come by, snag this statement piece that offers the best of both worlds. It features a skinny pole base that can be snuggled into a corner of the most packed living room. Its woven rattan shade prevents the bulb from casting too harshly while still promising to bathe the room in a warm glow. “Looks way more expensive than what it actually cost,” one reviewer writes. Another adds, “I cannot say enough positives about this floor lamp. It is quite tall, was easy to put together, and has a floor button you can step on to turn it on! It’s unique in its shape and the stand is very sturdy. Highly recommend.” Plus at less than $100, you really can’t beat the price.

Best Dome: Novogratz x Globe Electric Brass Floor Lamp

Matte Brass Floor Lamp, Double On/Off Pull Chain
Novogratz x Globe Electric Matte Brass Floor Lamp, Wayfair ($137 was $160)

For focused, downward light, look for a metal dome-shaped shade. Buyers sought out this collaboration between Novogratz and Globe Electric for its retro-revival look, which we see fitting right at home in a dark library or moody office corner. And two pull-chain switches (used to control two bulbs, not just for looks!) deliver an Art Deco vibe without the vintage price tag. 

Best Industrial: Anglepoise Type 75 Floor Lamp

Type 75 Floor Lamp in Yellow Ochre
Anglepoise Type 75 Floor Lamp, Design Within Reach ($420)

A fresh take on an industrial icon, modernist fans are sure to fall in love with Sir Kenneth Grange’s 2004 update of the Type 75 floor lamp from the ’70s. Beyond brushed aluminum, this one stands out on the list for its bright colorways of saxon blue, sienna, and (our personal fave) yellow ochre. Not to mention, its sleek, adjustable frame provides users with the flexibility to switch quickly between task and ambient lighting.  

Best Tubular: Regina Andrew Detroit Happy Floor Lamp

chrome tubular floor lamp
Happy Floor Lamp by Regina Andrew, Lulu and Georgia ($788)

Tap into the tubular trend with this curvy design by Regina Andrew Detroit. The sculptural silhouette comes in a natural brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or polished nickel finish, but paired with white bulbs, it will always deliver a hint of contrast. Style it with a sleek curved sofa or an acrylic table for a reflective effect. And a discreet clear cord fully allows this statement maker to shine. 

Best Rattan: Studio McGee x Threshold Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp with Tapered Rattan Shade Brown
Studio McGee x Threshold Floor Lamp with Tapered Rattan Shade Brown, Target ($102 was $170)

Love the look of Gubi’s iconic Pavoo Tynell lamp, but not so much its splurge-worthy price tag? For a more affordable natural accent or touch of organic texture, why not try Studio McGee’s take on rattan for Target? The tapered, angle shade is punctuated with brass accents, and we love how the woven material extends to the cord. “Such a designer look for a great price,” one shopper summarizes.

Best Multilight: CB2 Pavo Champagne Brass Double Floor Lamp

Pavo Champagne Brass Double Floor Lamp, CB2 ($449)

Fun, stylish, and practical, this fixture works double duty by pairing both an upward and a downward semi-sphere metal shade to achieve an extra-elegant glow. But that’s not the only differentiating detail—its adjustable, asymmetrical base is wrapped in a real leather cord that’s sure to age gracefully. 

Best Arc: Brightech Logan Arc Floor Lamp

brightech arc line
Brightech Logan Arc Floor Lamp, Amazon ($140)

Fit this angled lamp with an adjustable arching range behind an extra-large love seat or to create a contemporary focal point in your living room. And no need to worry about the tall, thin arm from tipping over—a heavy marble base will keep it in place. The one caveat: It comes with a superbright bulb; consider switching it out with a lower-watt LED option to soak up softer light.  

Best Paper: Noguchi Akari 9AD

noguchi Akari 9AD
Akari 9AD, Noguchi ($600)

There may not be a more illustrious paper lamp design than an Akari light sculpture, first fashioned by Isamu Noguchi. This particular piece is a little shorter than your typical floor lamp—hitting closer to hip height—but it’s made to stand on its own. The traditional bamboo ribbing and simple metal frame are elevated in the Akari 9AD with an additional blue detail.  

Best Scandinavian: IKEA Evedal Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with LED bulb, marble/gray
Evedal Floor Lamp, IKEA ($360)

When we first discovered IKEA’s Evedal, we had to do a double take. The overall sleek silhouette, featuring mouth-blown glass, solid oak, marble, and brass, makes it a covetable gem at the mega-home retailer. We’ve spotted it across social media and various homes ever since.

Best Pharmacy: Amazon Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

brass pharmacy lamp
O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp, Amazon ($75 was $90)

Pharmacy lights have been specifically tapped for working, reading, and writing—and this particular piece features a dimmer for controlled light-level illumination, no matter the task at hand. We first spotted it in YouTuber and affordable decor finder Kiva Brent’s home. Not only does it look far more expensive than it actually is, it boasts a 360-degree swivel and adjustable height. No wonder it was a best-selling product in January.

Our Shopping Checklist

Switch Types

The switch is pretty integral to how a floor lamp functions in a space—if it’s one of your main light sources, you’ll want easy access with a foot switch, but if it’s for lending a softer glow while reading, reaching up to turn a rotary switch or pull-chain shouldn’t be a problem. Either way, Domino contributing editor Benjamin Reynaert notes that a dimmer is key. “It’s imperative that you put a dimmer on a floor lamp to control the light,” he says. “There’s nothing worse than an overbearing light source in a room at night.” 


Lampshade shapes are numerous and varied—from round to angular and everything in between—but the most common can be narrowed down to drum (a curved cylinder), dome (a semi-sphere look), and rectangular (or square). They’re not purely decorative; each shade type and fabric (paper is more transparent, whereas burlap is a bit opaque) impacts how light is dispersed throughout a room. But if nailing the right size or material feels a little overwhelming (we got you), stick to this one simple rule Reynaert picked up from a colleague: “One should never see the lamp socket or hardware at eye or camera level, so make sure your lampshade isn’t too short!” 


A master at mixing different light sources and styles, Reynaert also recommends keeping scale and proportion in mind, particularly when it comes to the heft of a piece—you don’t want a large base to overpower your space or dwarf a neighboring chair. And remember, shades are interchangeable; just be cognizant of your selected swap. “A skinny, tall lamp might require a smaller empire shade, whereas a wide, bulbous lamp might need an oversize drum shade,” advises Reynaert. Or go the custom-made route to give a budget-friendly floor lamp a new lease on life. 

Ask Domino

Here, Reynaert offers his advice on how to find the right light, including his latest, must-see floor-lamp discovery. 

Q: What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

It depends whether you want a targeted task light or an overall glow. For reading, I prefer a pharmacy lamp positioned at a lower height to focus the light. A glass globe or semitranslucent shade is best if you want to illuminate the whole room.

Q: What is the ideal wattage for a floor lamp?

I prefer to hang out in a space with soft white light, so I tend to opt for extremely low wattage—40 watts is enough in most instances. That said, if you don’t have a lot of natural light, you might need to use brighter bulbs (around 60 watts) or layer the space with sconces, table lamps, or pendant lamps.

Q: What are the next lighting trends to know?

Floor lighting is becoming more and more sculptural, as it should be! And pieces that feature colored glass are standing out in the market right now. Newcomers such as Green Blue Works are creating incredibly beautiful sculptural glass lamps, which add another dimension of reflectivity and can be a focal point in a room, versus receding like many other floor-lamp styles.