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The first time we noticed the silhouette was earlier this year, set against a traditional backdrop of walnut wood paneling at the National Museum of Sweden Library: A sinuous lime green floor lamp seemed to have melted against the windowsill, playful and poetic. The stark contrast between classic and contemporary was immediately attention grabbing. Since then, it seems like all of our favorite lights have a skinny, wavy form in common. 

Courtesy of Michael Anastassiades

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Michael Anastassiades had already debuted a similarly curvaceous collection in Milan in 2016. But it wasn’t until recently, when a bright yellow squiggly light, part of a collaboration between Urban Outfitters and LikeMindedObjects, sold out in days, that wavy lamps officially began to hit the mainstream. And UO isn’t the only one jumping on board. Istanbul-based designer Merve Kahraman’s latest line features a creation that looks like a flying saucer taking off. Muller Van Severen’s linear fixtures swoop dramatically in bold primary hues. Riding the wave admittedly involves some serious saving up, but in the meantime here’s our wish list:

If you think this trend has legs…

Standing Floor Lamp N. 1, Muller Van Severen ($1,553)

If you love throwing a little shade…

Cassini Floor Lamp, Merve Kahraman ($3,500)

If you’re ahead of the curve…

Wave Lamp, LikeMindedObjects ($900)

If you see this lighting going somewhere…

S7 Lamp, Structures ($650)

If you like to decorate outside the lines…

Marlie Curved Metal Floor Lamp, Urban Outfitters ($129)

If you want to bridge the gap…

Pole 02, Roll & Hill ($6,000)

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