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There’s a reason why you see them on postcards, T-shirts, and tote bags on every beach boardwalk: Palm trees are the universal symbol for vacation. And that’s why if you want to make your home feel like summer 24-7, you might want to bring one inside. What we’re suggesting is that you get a palm tree lamp.

Sure, shell decor or all things rattan might lend your space a beachy vibe, but going a bit more literal makes a major difference. After all, palm tree floor lamps are the closest thing you can get to a real palm tree (that can still fit in your living room). They strike a weirdly perfect balance between glamorous Hollywood Regency and quirky bohemian vibes, and they’ll always give off an air of insouciance that screams: It’s summertime and I’ll do what I want! (Even when it’s clearly the dead of winter outside.)

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a floor lamp (the most dramatic choice), then a smaller-scale table lamp does the trick, too. Just lie back and bask in the light of your tropical light fixture. All you need to add is a perfectly chilled piña colada.

Floor Lamps

Who says your reading nook can’t have a tropical vibe? Grab your favorite beach read and sit in the warm glow of your faux palm—you’ll almost be able to hear the ocean.

Table Lamps

If you’ve been on the hunt for a lamp that will make your nightstand feel less snoozy, here you go. These two petite options are perfect for bringing just a touch of the tropics to your bedside. We also like to think of them as  houseplants that you’re certain to keep alive.

Vintage Options

Psst, the best palm tree light fixtures are vintage. (Even the new ones have ’70s vibes, after all.) Don’t feel like you have to stick to a more expected brass pick—we’re into these white-painted iron and rattan options. With or without coconuts, the lamps keep the good vibes flowing.

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