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It’s been four years since Mad Men went off the air, and millennials still aren’t over mid-century-modern furniture. In fact, they love the style so much that the market for once-treasured antiques and older collectibles is nearing obsolete. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that younger generations don’t have enough space for (or interest in) things like floral china, porcelain vases, and bulky armoires.

“Young people have built-in dressers, drawers, and closets—not furniture that’s big and heavy,” art appraiser Robert Wittman told the Inquirer. The shift in taste is causing problems for older generations—namely baby boomers—who are looking to downsize and sell their stuff.

While we can’t blame millennials for wanting to fill their homes with functional, everyday staples from mid-range retailers like IKEA or Article, there’s more to antiques than meets the eye. Sure, Arne Jacobsen chairs and Noguchi lamps are currently all the rage, but a worn colonial dresser or Victorian tea table can add serious soul to your home if you know how to use it. Don’t believe us? These three ideas will convince any MCM-obsessed decorator to go old-school.

Kick Up the Contrast with Neon

This definitely is not your grandmother’s chest. Consuelo Pierrepont’s effortless mix of new-age accessories and passed-down pieces makes for one compelling vignette.

Embrace Your Inner Artist

photo by cody guilfoyle

You don’t have to source a new frame to make a stuffy portrait feel fresh. Whip out the art supplies and be your own van Gogh.

Ditch the Coffee Table for Luggage

photo by cody guilfoyle

Try this clever storage trick before you spend money on a new cabinet or table. A salvaged trunk will work wonders for your living room when topped with modern accessories.

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