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If there’s one brand that continues to push the boundaries of rebellious design, it’s Ikea. Having only recently announced inspired collaborations with big-name brands like Adidas and Lego, the Swedish retailer just announced a new limited-edition collection that will be available in U.S. stores starting this October. Created with the free thinker in mind, it places a heavy emphasis on whimsy, creativity, and expression of identity. Warning: Your inner-DIYer may not be able to resist.

With a focus on customization and modular living, the Sjalvstandig collection is the launch dedicated Ikea hackers have been waiting for. “We have a lot of research in Ikea showing that people want the option to personalize items,” explained Maria O’Brian, the company’s creative leader, in a press release. “Upon altering our belongings to suit our style preferences, we’re actually building a closer relationship with those items.”

Inspired by the DIY movement, Sjalvstandig (which translates to “independent”) brings together a wide variety of decorative items and staple furnishings that can be personalized to a T. One such piece is an abstract rug made up of varying geometric shapes, colors, and patterns that can be configured in any way its owner sees fit by using a series of hooks and loop fasteners. Although its palette of forest greens, jewel blues, and deep violets is especially intriguing, the wildly bold statement you make from said combination is what really counts.

Other customizable pieces include a set of table legs that can be easily painted or adjusted by size, one-of-a-kind handprinted ceramic vases, and indoor/outdoor chairs that can be puzzled together like building blocks. “They work really well on their own, but they can also, in a simple way, become something really abstract and crazy,” O’Brian says of the Sjalvstandig chair. Ikea hacks have never been easier with this multifunctional collection, ideal for a variety of lifestyles and living situations. 

While the Sjalvstandig line is definitely one we’ll be marking our calendars for, Ikea is giving us a second reason to look forward to October: that’s when it’s also launching the Lustigt collection, geared towards kids. Like Sjalvstandig, the core philosophy behind the line is one that encourages independence through design. There are games meant to develop logical thinking and eco-friendly toys that also look incredibly chic—a paint roller set and weaving loom set particularly encourage creativity.

Not unlike Sjalvstandig, Lustigt is all about power of experimentation. While adults may feel more inclined to get lost playing with their modular furniture, kiddos can knit their way to an equally inspired textile all their own. Whatever your personal preference, the coming months will definitely bring plenty of opportunity to use Ikea to sate your DIY needs. 

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