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August is important for many reasons. It’s your last chance to book an impromptu summer getaway. It’s blood orange season. Our summer pop-up shop is officially up and running in the Hamptons now through Labor Day weekend. And Ikea is releasing its 2019 catalog, chock full of cool new products, small space living solutions, and a healthy dose of Scandi style envy.

This year is particularly noteworthy, as the storied home goods giant turns 75. To celebrate, the catalog is bigger and better than ever before, featuring not just snippets of carefully styled rooms or smaller vignettes, but rather, entire houses fully decked out in Ikea. The goal? To demonstrate how Ikea can fit into any lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic.

“Any family can use [the] pieces,” Ikea spokesperson Kathy Boerner told us at a recent event in New York, showcasing the catalog IRL. “We’ve styled the same pieces in different ways to really show the versatility of the designs.”

Based on Ikea’s 2018 Life at Home report, in which reps for the retailer traveled to 22 countries to interview over 22,000 people to understand their approach to home life, the catalog’s seven homes each demonstrate a different living situation. From a couple living a hectic, urban work life who use their home as a calm space to unwind (Haven in the City) to a family of six crammed into an apartment (Full House) to a maximalist, travel-inspired couple (Where More is More), there are pieces to suit pretty much every lifestyle. Old Ikea favorites are back, reimagined in chic new styles, but the catalog is peppered with exciting new products as well.

Loyalists of Scandinavian simplicity will love 2019’s more minimalist offerings, best exemplified in the Haven in the City home. Whites and creams abound, complemented by lighter-hued natural textures, transform your home into an oasis whether you live in a breezy California suburb or a tiny, cramped, fifth-floor walkup in Manhattan. Soft felt Komplement organizers keep knick knacks tidy; elsewhere, the sleek Kubbis rack is an entryway organizational necessity.

Full house? Don’t sacrifice style for functionality: “When you have kids, sometimes that takes over and you lose sense of your own personal style. So we wanted to encourage kid-friendly products that would actually help parents also not lose sight of what they love,” explains Boerner. “They’re easy to clean, yet stylish products.”

Those following a more practical approach to decor will love smart products like the multifunctional Släkt pull-out bed or modular Kivik series, which you can customize to fit your living room space and seating requirements. If you’re a big traveler and, as a result, have accumulated an assortment of random trinkets and globally inspired pieces, Ikea will help you display them. Jeweled toned storage units and vessels, as small as the deep blue Råskog utility cart or as large as the glass doored, rich green Liatorp bookcase, are a maximalist’s (or a hoarder’s) dream come true.

“We look at storage as two things,” continues Boerner. “The stuff that tells the world who you are, and the stuff that you hide behind closed doors. This is for people who have things that tell their story. Twenty seven percent of people don’t want to get rid of their stuff, and they get stressed because people say they should—this is for those people.”

Finally, there’s more than enough colorful, modern pieces available to appease the Instagram crowd. Get your millennial pink fix with the Leifarne chair, and get in on the woven basket trend via the Snidad basket. Vibrant-hued Eket shelves, which feature in bright orange and punchy pink, are a way to bring in both color and storage—something that millennial small space dwellers will definitely appreciate.

In addition to the 2019 catalog, available to order starting in August, Ikea is also launching a series of collections and products that will roll out to stores that same month. The Gratulera collection of reimagined “vintage Ikea” pieces hits shelves (and internet browsers) in August. Lyskraft, a reimagination of some Ikea favorites by Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings, is a limited edition line worth checking out; same goes for the Sammanhang collection, a storage collaboration with seven designers.

Intrigued? Be sure to order your copy of the catalog once August hits. And also be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the retailer’s exciting collections purportedly launching by the end of 2018—according to this year’s Democratic Design Days, there are going to be some good ones.

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