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We’d be willing to bet that no one (with the exception of Monica Geller, of course) actually enjoys spending a weekend Windex-ing their windows and scrubbing bathtub tiles. If you ask us, Saturday and Sunday are sacred days that should be devoted to Netflix sessions, not cleaning ones. But with spring on the horizon and 2020 resolutions of decluttering on the brain, tidying up is something we can’t ignore—and luckily, IKEA seems to be on the same wavelength. The company just rolled out a brand-new collection that’s dedicated to making cleaning stylish. And maybe even fun? 

The limited-edition Borstad line officially debuts on February 1, and it’s one of the chicest arrays of utilitarian items we’ve ever seen. Everything has an environmentally savvy twist: There are sustainably sourced, durable materials aplenty, and the lineup even includes a few handy gems (like shoes brushes and linen bags) for extending the shelf life of your accessories. So if you’ve already swapped your old-school cleaning products for eco-friendly upgrades, it’s time to do the same with your cleaning tools. And since IKEA’s launch maxes out at just $40, it’s the perfect place to start. Here are the pieces we’ve bookmarked.

The Multipurpose Bucket

The Rinsing Tub is a $20 wonder product: Yes, you can put it to work as a cleaning bucket, but you can also use it to catch potato peels or store extra towels. 

The Space Saver

If laundry day always ends up turning your tiny apartment into an obstacle course of drying clothes, consider the Wall Drying Rack. It folds accordion-style into the surface it’s adhered to, so you can easily tuck it away. 

The Cleaning Caddy

Gone are the days of having to shove everything haphazardly under the sink and then spend ages digging around until you find the right spray bottle. The $10 steel Bottle Holder will neatly house all your supplies—plus, you can tote it around from room to room. 

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