13 Ways to Declutter Your Home This Month

Make good on your resolution.
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It’s January, which means it’s officially the time of year when we all collectively start to think about decluttering. And while this resolve tends to waver come March, it doesn’t have to. You just need the right tools. We’re not about to tell you that you have to buy a million new things to get your life in order, but picking up a few key pieces to organize your home is a good way to start small and make a monumental task feel doable without having to invite Marie Kondo over. 

To prove it can be done, we’ve picked our 13 favorite organizing items, from tiny trays to supersize storage solutions that will double your closet space. Here’s everything you need for a tidier 2021.

For Your Bedroom

If you live in a place where closet real estate is at a premium, the solution doesn’t have to include throwing out your beloved blazers. Keep out-of-season clothes tucked away in a fabric-lined rattan box to free up space for the things you need now.

Tidy up your jewelry collection—aka that tangle of necklaces and orphan earring posts—with this clever shadow box, which essentially turns your statement bling into wall art. 

For Your Kitchen

If you have more cooking equipment and tools than you know what to do with, buy a pegboard to keep everything within easy reach. This birch plywood one comes with three shelves and 10 pegs, so you can customize a configuration that best suits your storage needs.

Never buy more flour than you need again by storing everything from baking ingredients to dry goods in see-through jars that allow you to keep track of your pantry purchases.

Free up counter space with this magnetic storage rack, which can hold anything from cookbooks to a roll of paper towels and be easily mounted to the wall or side of the refrigerator.

For Your Entryway

This stack of shelves is a twofer: It will clean up your entryway and the area in your front hall closet that’s typically commandeered by an extensive (but totally necessary, obviously) shoe collection. 

Not everyone has the space for a coatrack. A few stylish hooks are the small-space dweller’s best friend, especially if they look like Virginia Sin’s coils, which make use of unused wall space and add visual interest.

Leave your key-losing tendencies back in 2020. If you have space for a wall ledge or even a small table (which you can get for free by repurposing an unused one from another room), furnish it with a minimalist leather box that can act as a catchall for keys, mail, and lipstick.

For Your Bathroom

If your under-sink cabinet is a mess of epic proportions, it’s high time you picked up some organization bins. Muuto’s baskets made from recycled felt are great for storing hair tools, extra shampoo, and toilet paper rolls.

Ceramic jars are the perfect vessels for storing smaller bathroom accessories and keeping your essentials within easy reach—all while streamlining the look of your room in the process. Whether you use them for cotton swabs or the 502 bobby pins you keep losing, these tiny pots are a worthy investment.

Bid adieu to that mountain of towels on the floor by stowing them away in these sleek metal holders. All you have to do is neatly roll them—the dividers will do the rest. 

For Your Living Room

Let’s face it: No matter how big your space is, your living room could always use more surfaces to display cute objets. When your mantel or coffee table is cluttered enough with candles and florals, turn to wall shelving to show off your other decor items. 

Leave boring plastic baskets behind. This colorful assortment from New York–based textile shop Closed Mondays will be the star of your space. If you’re a blanket hoarder (no shame), the largest size works best to hold whichever one you’re not currently curled up with on the sofa.

This story was originally published on January 4, 2019. It has since been updated.

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