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Tangled necklaces and missing earrings giving you a major headache each morning? Accessorizing should be a breeze—not a reason to start the day off feeling stressed. While a straightforward jewelry box may help keep your daily essentials contained, it won’t stop you from leaving your favorite pieces in a knotted mess. After all, the secret to keeping a perfectly organized home rests in mastering the little things in your life causing clutter.

Mounted custom cabinets, stackable trinket dishes, and space-saving stands are just a few alternative storage solutions we rely on to keep our beloved jewels and other small accessories stylishly in place. Not to mention, the 13 pretty displays ahead let you admire your sculptural statement pieces, vintage treasures, and other precious goodies on a daily basis. It’s time to bid adieu to that labyrinth of a black hole you once considered your jewelry box. Read on for the tried-and-true organization hacks we swear by.

Gilded oyster shells make for totally chic and unique ring dishes. (This could make for a very cute Mother’s Day DIY, too)!

Bring the outdoors inside by finding a sturdy twig and adding some twine for the perfect necklace organization.

Let your next weekend project be this! You too can make your own custom jewelry cabinet.

Collect your colorful vintage hardbound books and artfully arrange necklaces on top. (We’d suggest starting with just one for the sake of saving space). 

Ring cones are jewelry storage just as cute as the jewelry itself! Make your own version, using brightly colored paint.

A cool metal ladder holds loads of jewelry on each of its rungs. The versatility of most decorative ladders allows you to change your mind when you’d like to use them for storing something else. 

A white Victorian bust gathers all of your favorite necklaces in one place, and makes a clever conversation piece, too! 

A round wooden dish is an easy, rustic way to corral bracelets and rings in one accessible place on the dresser or nightstand. 

Ceramic gilded trinket dishes add pretty prints and patterns to your jewelry organization situation.

Faux animal heads

go from form to function by using them as a smart place to stash longer necklaces, skinny scarves, ties, etc. 

Worn weathered architectural salvage pieces make for the savviest jewelry display.

Eclectic gemstones collect to make for the a bohemian hanging solution for necklaces and some bracelets. 

A wood cut and well painted mountain motif adds a little whimsy to make for magical set up.

This story was originally published May 2, 2016. It has been updated with new information.

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