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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

If you’re not going to edit your gargantuan beauty product stash, you can at least organize it, right? If you’re a beauty buff, you know the struggle of keeping track of pretty paraphernalia is real.

But how do you streamline your collection? We’ve got you covered: Here are some gorgeous catch-alls and organizers to help you narrow down your essentials, all while displaying them in the most stunning way possible. From lucite lipstick organizers to over-the-door storage racks, they’ll cover your every decor need (and then some!). And bonus round: you can even DIY your own pretty epic open-shelving organizer.

Photography by Urban Outfitters

Over-The-Door Tiered Storage Rack, Urban Outfitters, $69

Tight on space but heavy on beauty products? Consider the ultimate space saver with an over-the-door storage rack, especially when it’s as attractive as this version. This is great for storing products loved but not used everyday, like bath salts (unless you take a bath everyday and to you I say, “jealous!”) and facial steams.  


Photography by HAY

Hay Kaleido Tray, MoMA Store, $25

In classic Hay brilliance, they have practically redesigned the everyday tray, adding a dose of creativity and imagination into this stackable, mix-and-match version. Allow the endless geometric trays to inspire you with creativity in both your makeup organization and makeup application. Aqua blue eyeliner to match your aqua blue tray? Why not. Color your world and vanity.

Photography by Muji

Acrylic 5 Drawers, Muji, $38

Makeup clutter got you feeling down? This beyond perfect drawer set was basically made for makeup organization. The attractive, clear drawers make it easy to see what you have and quickly grab what’s needed.

It’s my personal saving grace for my use-to-be mess of a makeup pit at home. I have each drawer organized by order of need: top drawer being primers, concealers, and foundation; second drawer is bronzers and blush; third is eyebrows and highlighters; fourth is eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras; fifth and bottom drawer is lipsticks and liners. I efficiently and quickly go in order down the drawers every morning. If everything doesn’t fit in there, I take that as a sign and opportunity to edit out what I’ve stopped using. (Or you could grab a second one and stack it on top of it. We won’t judge you, it’s simply smart organizing!)

Photography by Ikea

Godmorgon with Compartments, Ikea, $19.99

Ring the alarm: Ikea has done it again. This item makes in-drawer organization a breeze. One half of the compartments are at a 45 degree angle, making usually hard to find items quick to grab, like those makeup brushes you love. Lipsticks always seem to be on the run and hard to locate? No longer, with the second half of the compartments allowing narrow items to stand on their own, like lipsticks, blushes, and concealers. Looks like Ikea just hacked your makeup drawer.


Photography by Umbra

Vana Beauty Organizer, Umbra, $40

A one-stop prep station, this Umbra-designed organizer is brilliant at space and time saving. No more running around a room looking for things, it’s all here, just waiting for you. A mirror? Yep, it’s here, and it can be taken off the stand to get a closer look at yourself too. Trays for perfectly holding your basics that are anything but basic? Yep, right here, and even a little rubber insert so things don’t move around on you.

Photography by Houzz

Maykke Cobbi Display Plate, Houzz, $69.99

Skincare bottles looking a bit cluttered? This plate is perfection for arranging and displaying all your face oils, lotions, and creams, while keeping it maintained and organized. And Carrara white marble? Yes please, only the best for you and your luxe beauty products, my dear. You can also use the tray to display your favorite nail polishes and removers. Some nail polish bottles are art in themselves, crying out to be displayed.


Acrylic Modular Storage, The Container Store, $7.99-$44.99

This set is fantastic for those who need to make the most out of a vertical space. Use this piece to hold jewelry, makeup, or even fragrances. An added bonus? The UV-resistant material stops the yellowing of the acrylic. And for all you powder buffs, it’s also simple enough to keep clean with a little soapy water.

Photography by TARGET

Threshold Glass Organizer, Target, $18.99

No matter where it lives in your home, this gilded glass piece will add an element of opulence. The organizer boasts six compartments for lipsticks, hand creams, or even the skincare stash that lives in your bathroom.


This story was originally published October 28, 2017. It has been updated with new information. 

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