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Laney Crowell has tested practically every beauty product under the sun. The industry vet banked more than a decade working with big brands like Estée Lauder before starting a blog dedicated to nontoxic living, hence the extensive makeup and skin-care trials. Her next chapter? Launching Saie, a clean beauty company.

“Did you know that Sephora only carries eight clean makeup brands?” Crowell asks. (We did not.) “There are so few on the market because it’s really hard to formulate them—let alone luxury, high-performance clean makeup.” Saie is the sweet spot: The ingredient list is free from all harmful additives; the price is right (everything is under $25); and the packaging is a pastel-colored, Instagram-worthy delight. Plus, it goes without saying, 100 percent recyclable. 

Right now, Saie offers only a brow gel, lip balm, mascara, and lash curler, with plans to roll out a mascara subscription service in the next few days. This tight product curation allows the company to nail each formula—and it makes a case for simplifying your makeup drawer to the bare (all natural!) essentials. You don’t need 15 mascaras; one quality one will do the trick. 

“My advice when it comes to decluttering is to be honest with yourself about the last time you used something. If you’re using it, keep it! If it’s been a year and you haven’t touched it, it’s time to recycle it,” says Crowell, recommending Terracycle. Unopened Saie products can last for up to 36 months, but if you’re planning a mass overhaul of your vanity and aren’t sure what to toss, we asked Crowell for her help:

Lip Balm

“Most lip balms, like ours, are anhydrous—not made with any water—so there’s less of a chance for bacteria to build up. I replace after a year.” 


“Mascara is something you should change out more often; personally, I get a new one every two months. If its smell changes or it starts to dry out, it’s time.”

Brow Gel

“Since brow products aren’t directly applied to your eyes or lips, you should determine if the formula has changed, but six months is generally when you should replace them.”


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