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Is there anything more wonderful than a warm (/hot) shower in the cold of winter? (Well, maybe a bath, but that’s not ideal on the daily.) Considering how often you’re in your shower, wouldn’t it be great to kick it up a notch, and turn the moment into a true self-care situation?

Picture this: Put on your favorite jams or podcast (We can’t stop listening to Oprah SuperSoul: go, sprint, download ASAP!), hop in that steamy shower and choose your favorite products—ahhhhh, wait, noooo, where is your favorite hair mask?!? Maybe it’s under all these other soaps, face washes, shampoos, and conditioners in this corner?! No? How? What about this pile of products over here? Ah, there it is. This dream sequence got hijacked by our organizational fears, sorry. But, if your shower is more mess than finesse, let’s get you organized! The first step? A solid shower caddie. We rounded up the chicest options currently on the market.

Umbra Cubiko Shower Caddy, Domino, $29.99

Simplicity and clean lines are this shower caddy’s middle name (Cubiko “Simplicity and Clean Lines” Shower Caddy). This minimalist metal version is perfect for fitting everything (or nearly everything—no judgement) with two large shelves.

You know what would go perfectly with this clean design? Some clean and well-designed skincare, like Grown Alchemist body wash and lotion. Yep, body lotion, in your shower. The trick to “trapping” moisture on your skin is applying lotion on wet skin so it can absorb deeper. So keep the lotion in the shower so you remember to apply it right when the water turns off.

Kohler Choreograph Shower Caddy, Wayfair, $95.29

Kohler, guys! Who knew? How great are these smart metal shelves? There’s space for your washcloth, your fav products, and even a little open space to hold your razor. Need, want, have to have.

Perfect time to upgrade your shaving regime—grab a new razor, like Billie, and upgrade that shaving cream, Ursa Major makes a killer option.

Flex Shelf Shower Caddy, Urban Outfitters, $16

Got minimalist shower dreams but maximalist shower products? Grab this silicon version with enough space for your all your hair masks. We love this deeply hydrating prickly pear seed mask from Christophe Robin; it protects from root to tip.

Kes Bathroom Shelves, Amazon, $58 for two

Oh, hello, sleek, contemporary, and streamlined new shower shelves. I’m [insert your name here] and I’m here to collab with you on displaying all my favorite shower products.

These shelves are the perfect excuse to pull the trigger on those body products you’ve been eyeing for months, like Pai’s Gentle Genius Body Wash (which really is both genius and gentle).

Una Clear Toiletries Shelf, Urban Outfitters, $12

Only need a little extra dose of organizing assistance? Cool, this little 6 in. x 2 in. is your jam then. Stick it on shower tiles and throw in your favorite face masks that are quick acting and amazing for the shower.

Pro tip: a charcoal or deep cleansing mask is perfect for using in the shower because it steam from the shower helps it absorb deeply, but not too deeply that it dries out skin. This Innisfree version is amazing and super effective at absorbing oil and dirt, while gently exfoliating.

mDesign Bamboo Bathroom Shower Caddy, Amazon, $32.99

Channel the energy of a Japanese teak soaking tub, but in a shower caddy. Because they’re made of bamboo, the shelves are naturally rust-resistant. Hey, let’s keep this wood theme going then, and throw in a wood-inspired product, like Mahalo’s wood-covered Bean Mask.

Yamazaki Home Standing Tower Shower Caddy, Amazon, $42

Ya know what you probably haven’t been doing? Treating your shower caddy like a wine rack. Channel that perfect liquid efficiency with this shelving unit, which is maybe more ideal for those with a little more space in a bathroom (lucky!).

But with so much space, it’s the perfect excuse to fill it up with all your favorite hair goodies, like Ouai Clean Shampoo or Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner.

Dezi Circular Wire Shelf, Houzz, $196

One of the more unusual shower shelves around, this one is a total (in-shower) conversation starter. Perfect for displaying your very cherished bathing products, like that Byredo body wash that deserved its own dedicated modernism wire shelf.

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