By Anna Kocharian

Published on May 11, 2018

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Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN
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Photography by Wynn Meyers

City-dwellers may know a thing or two when it comes to living with a tiny bathroom. Among the many nuisances, a lack of space for the essentials sits at the top of the list. Some may find themselves forced to designate their vanity essentials to the bedroom or kitchen (speaking personally here), while others may be hard-pressed to find room for the most mundane elements, such as extra toilet paper or even a toothbrush. And because we’re no stranger to cramped corners, we set out to find the ultimate small bathroom storage ideas to help you make the most of yours. Take a look.

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Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

Double-Duty Furnishings

If you’re going to squeeze in a larger shelving unit or piece of furnishing into your bathroom, make certain that it will be able to uphold a diverse range of functionalities. We’re taking cues from Christene Barberich’s teeny Brooklyn bathroom where a wooden bench (coupled with a handy shelf) doubles as storage space for towels and various other bath essentials.

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Photography by MIA BAXTER

An Optical Illusion

Accent pieces that come in an acrylic finish (and manage to double as a functional decor detail) are always a plus. This transparent side stool literally blends in with the surround, all the while extending a style-focused element to the decor.

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Smart Storage

Invest in clever storage solutions to house all the random odds and ends—laundry included. For the bathroom that comes sans a vanity, slide a basket under the sink to function as a similar alternative (see more pedestal sink ideas here).

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Photography by LAUREN BAMFORD

Unexpected Color Moments

Brighten up the space with a pop of color in an unexpected form. Think patterned towels, color blocked vanity trays, or metallic storage racks.

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Photography by DIANA RELTH

Additional Lighting

Working with a window-less space? Bring in additional forms of lighting, especially if the bathroom lacks it in natural form. Here’s your opportunity to extend an additional style-focused detail to the room, chic sconces encouraged.

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Towel Racks…or Ladder

When it comes to storage, think outside the box—or basket. Go beyond the expected means and opt for the untraditional. Case in point? A versatile ladder (it’s expandable!) with four notched hooks that can be used to hold towels.

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Photography by LUCAS ALLEN

Mirrored Accents

Opt for reflective elements (medicine cabinet, not included) to maximize an illusion of depth within the tight quarters. The item’s size or its placement in the room is completely up to you.

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Versatile Shelving

Take to the walls with a hanging rack or shelf that comes with multiple points of functionality. Whether it be used to house towels, amenities, or a handful of decorative accents. Utilize wall-mounted shelves for that added bit of storage space.

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Photography by AMBER INTERIORS

Textured Details

Incorporate a textured detail for a dynamic finish, think a cozy landing pad with a fresh color element. Opt for a runner sourced from an exotic locale to balance out the rigidness of a streamlined, contemporary space.

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Organized Trays

Use basic bins to organize clutter and keep your bath essentials close-at-hand. Opt for durable materials such as brass or bamboo—ones that will be able to withstand the humidity.

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Photography by FREE PEOPLE

A Caddy


shower caddy is an essential, especially when it comes to reducing the amount of clutter that can accumulate along the sides of the tub.

Bonus Tip: Use dainty planters to hang air plants or greens throughout the bathroom, to transform the space into a relaxing escape!

This article was originally published February 20, 2016. It has been updated with new information.


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