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If there’s one thing every small-space dweller can agree on, it’s the fact that ample storage space is hard to come by. When living within quarters so tight that there’s hardly room for your bed and a sofa, bulky storage methods are hardly a priority. With this in mind, we sought out clever fixes for this common dilemma. Here’s what we found.

Photography by Erin Boyle via Reading My Tea Leaves

Making the most of every inch of her tiny bathroom, we love the way small-space blogger Erin Boyle installed a shelf above her door frame. The slim space provides the perfect perch for those in-bathroom essentials that may otherwise be unsightly stacked above or next to the toilet.

Photography byWhitney LeighMorris via Tiny Canal Cottage

Shoe storage

is tricky even for those who do have a ton of space, so you’re forced to be extra creative when storage is at a premium.

whitney leigh morris

of of Tiny Canal Cottage strategically uses the space under a banquette to store her extra pairs, but we mostly love how she uses old wine crates instead of the basic plastic bins. These pretty solutions keep your shoes tidy and in one place.

If you think you’re strapped on space, just try fitting all your clothes (and your family’s!) inside a 900 square-foot bungalow like Christina of @thestellabluegallery. She uses the space outside of her armoire with an extra hook for the larger items that won’t fit inside. As an added bonus, hooks surrounding the armoire hold accessories like purses and scarves.

Courtesy of String Furniture

Embrace modular shelving that encompasses a mix of open and closed storage units. These often adaptable shelves can be built to complement the space they occupy, making the most of the available wall space.

Photography by RYAN GARVIN

Take advantage of the often empty space under the coffee table. Place a pair of low-set baskets beneath, keeping the table’s clutter to a minimum.

Courtesy of IKEA

Make your breakfast table work for you, in more ways than one – obviously, we’re talking storage! IKEA’s Norden Gateleg table features two foldable slabs and a set of six pull-out drawers, ideal for storing just about everything from napkins and runners to flatware and small centerpieces.

Courtesy of LIVET HEMMA 

A credenza may not be at the top of our list of must-have furnishings for a small space, but there’s no denying their practicality. Opt for one that features a multitude of drawers and cabinets, as opposed to one that’s uniform all around. This will allow for a more diverse slew of storage capabilities.

Still hanging on to that vintage glossy collection? Put them to good use by stacking them to function as a base for the coffee table!

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Floating shelves aren’t necessarily new, but using them as extra shoe storage? Now that is. We love the way Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent styled these in this New York apartment.

Photography by Scott Jones Design

Coffee tables that come with built-in storage capabilities are a major plus. Conceal just about everything, unbeknownst to anyone!

Courtesy of Inside Out

Make the most of an awkward corner or nook by transforming the spot into a functional zone. Case in point: this tight space that came to double as a home office, complete with a set of floating shelves.

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