10 Easy Storage Solutions if You Don’t Have a Closet

There’s still hope.

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We get it, not having a proper closet in your room can seem like a huge headache—but the truth of the matter is you don’t actually need a closet to properly store all of your clothes and accessories. With a little ingenuity, there are simple storage solutions that can more than make up for a closet-less space. Whether the fix is one big-ticket item like a wardrobe, or several storage solutions combined, you can breathe easy with the helpful picks we’ve tracked down.

Ellis Cabinet, Unison Home, $3,339

It may be pricey, but if you don’t have a built-in closet, the clear next-best thing is a dresser of sorts. With numerous shelves and even a super deep drawer (perfect for things like accessories or out-of-season shoes), there’s space for all your foldables and then some. Keep your most stylish knitwear carefully folded in the on-display shelves—try a cool monochromatic or tonal display technique for visual impact—and hide that ratty old university sweatshirt, which you just can’t part with, in the hidden section.

Hanging Branch Clothing Rack, Etsy, $94

If you are of the mentality that your clothes are art (and have the square footage/open-mindedness to have a full-on tree branch hanging from your ceiling), try this slightly unorthodox rack. It’s the perfect way to display your favorite pieces as decor, and won’t clutter your space in the process.

Dolores Garment Rack, Camino, $589

A design-forward clothing rack is a great way to neatly store your clothes while also seeing what you have. This pick is especially awesome because of the built-in mirror, platform at the bottom (great for storing sweaters, t-shirts, or shoes), and two circular trays (so you can also store your jewelry or other knick-knacks all in one place).

4 Piece Wood Underbed Storage Set, Walmart, $83.65

Never underestimate the power of under-the-bed storage. Even if you have a low bed frame, don’t count this prime storage real estate out. Take measurements, then look for something that fits—don’t worry, you’ll definitely find something.

We dig these rolling wood storage boxes because the wheels make access to your items super easy. Plus, the wooden detailing is aesthetically pleasing if you happen to have a bed frame that will expose the boxes underneath.


Tower 6 Tier Wood Top Shoe Rack, Yamazaki Home, $100

Shoe storage

without a closet can be tough. One way to solve this problem easily is with a shoe rack that keeps your shoes orderly, and looks good enough that you won’t want to hide it. This option can hold approximately 16 pairs of shoes; plus, it has an added multifunctional bonus because you can use it as a table. There are also small hooks on the side for hanging umbrellas.

Reflection Bath Cabinet, CB2, $404

Perhaps the most helpful item, for when you find yourself faced with a no-closet situation, is a wardrobe that functions exactly like a closet. The only difference is it’s not built in. This option is great because it’s ideal for small spaces, and it has a full-length mirror on the outside. If you need more storage than this, you can buy two of them, or go for the larger iteration.

Mid-century Entryway Bench, West Elm, $499

A clever approach to conquering a closet-less room is to think of every piece of furniture as an opportunity for extra storage. This bench is a wonderful example—if you’re looking for extra seating in your room, consider a piece that maximizes storage, too.   

Brimnes Bedframe with Storage and Headboard, Ikea, $399

While under-the-bed storage bins are great space savers, not everyone likes the look of ’em. A good alternative is a bed frame with built-in storage. Use the drawers as closet space to help mitigate the need for other huge pieces of furniture.

3×6 Shelving System, Ferm Living, $2,966

Sometimes, the best option is the simplest one. Enter the punctual shelving system, a good looking piece that should hold most, if not all, of your things. The best part? This shelving system comes in multiple sizes and a variety of subdued hues. The fact that it doesn’t have any doors only helps to hold you accountable to keep all your things nice and tidy.

White Dipped Ladder, Anthropologie, $98

Let’s call a spade a spade—a lot of storage solutions can be downright ugly. A ladder, on the other hand, is another great way to add in extra storage in an aesthetically pleasing way. Sure, it won’t fix all your storage woes in one go, but if you use a ladder as your home for all of your bags and scarves, you save a whole lot of space and add a cool design element to your room all at once.

This story was originally published August 21, 2017. It has been updated with new information.

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