How to Hack Your Way to a Killer Custom Closet

Let your closet be an oasis, not a nightmare, with these organizational pieces.
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A truly flawless master closet is hard to come by. That’s why it’s up to us to take control of our dressing destiny, once and for all. Creating a custom closet from scratch isn’t easy, but it’s also not as taxing (or expensive) as you’d think. By simply investing in clever organizing accessories and savvy storage units that put function first, you can turn your messy nightmare into a streamlined oasis.

Whether you have a huge walk-in, a tiny closet, or no closet at all, the tips ahead are sure to help you feel calm, cool, collected, and completely your own. To help you jumpstart your closet journey, here are a few useful finds that will help you transform your space in no time.

VARDE Wall Shelf, Ikea, $49.99

Part of crafting a well-designed closet is grouping items by type. Yes, this shelving unit might be skinny, but it’s an opportunity to gather one category of clothing—be it jeans, t-shirts, or workout gear. Having a separate, designated spot to stash one type of item will help keep your actual closet clutter-free. 

Linen Drop-Front Sweater Box, The Container Store, $20.99

Boxes and dividers are one of the best ways to prevent carefully folded pieces from becoming a jumbled mess. The key, here, is uniformity. Because matching boxes create an instant sense of calm, opt for chic, coordinating containers that offer easy access.

Lynk Double Hang Closet Rod, The Container Store, $12.99

Does your cookie-cutter closet only come with a single pole? Expand your space by making room for two with a double hanging rod. A perfect fix for short-hanging items (consider hanging skirts and bottoms below and blouses or sweaters above) this budget-friendly buy is a no-brainer. Just hook it over the existing closet rod and voilà…. space!

Rubbermaid White Laminated Wood Shelf, Home Depot, $8.99

If a simple, single shelf is all your space requires, don’t be hesitant to mount it yourself. This affordable find from Home Depot is a total breeze to install on your own. All you need is a sturdy bracket to hold it in place.

YOOK OTD 8 Hook, Umbra, $20.00

Any good closet needs forward-facing hooks. An over-the-door option like this gives you a proper place to display your OOTD without putting a bunch of holes in the wall. And thanks to its large rubber grips, you won’t have to keep picking up after fallen clothing.

Clear Drawer No. 5, Nomess

The secret to a streamlined closet is being able to see what you have (shoes, jewelry, sweaters, etc). Think of your closet not as a bonus room to toss your daily wares, but rather your own personal showroom. These stackable acrylic cases not only make it easy to find what you’re searching for, but they’ll also promise to keep your most treasured possessions safe from dust and lurking critters.

ALGOT Wall Upright Shelves and Shoe Organizer, Ikea, $70.00

Struggling to find a spot for your shoes, bags, and other staple accessories? Whether installed flush against the wall in the entryway or discreetly set aside in the master bedroom, this versatile unit boasts all the surface area you’d ever need. Of course, we’re partial to its clean design as well.

Cameron Clothing Rack, Urban Outfitters, $149.00

If you have space in your bedroom, a rack is one of the best items you can purchase to help with closet organization. Save yourself time and energy by styling out your outfits for the week on your rack. That way, you don’t have to make a mess in your closet each morning. This option is great because you can even neatly set out the shoes you’ll want to wear on its shelves, as well. Plus, lilac is always a good idea. 

Huggable Hangers 2pc 4-Bar Hangers, Target $9.99

We can all probably admit that we’ve lazily double (or triple!) hung items on the same hanger before. While this might seem like an efficient way to store your clothes at the moment, this short-term solution doesn’t actually make your closet feel any less cramped. Luckily, there are products that exist just for this problem. These luxe velvet hangers can hold up to four pairs of pants.

Clear Divider No. 5, Nomess

Having a builder create custom, permanent dividers for your closet can get super pricey. Instead, clearly define the area inside your drawers with removable, plastic dividers. Never will your t-shirts, socks, and PJs unexpectedly mingle again.

ClosetMaid Jewelry Tray Insert, Amazon, $28.99

When you don’t have a jewelry box to house all your trinkets, sometimes your closet drawers are the next best thing. A felt tray will make for a sleek display, while also stopping your precious gems from sliding around.

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