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Small spaces are fun to decorate—but pose a major challenge if you’re the type of person who has a lot of, well, stuff. Specifically, clothing—and shoes, hats, jewelry… But a bedroom without a closet doesn’t have to be an apartment deal breaker. Use these 10 tips to make the most of your situation while you’re waiting for the walk-in of your dreams.

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Edit down to one rack

If you’re a clothes hoarder, this might be a challenge, but it’s one you must conquer. Look at editing down your belongings as a chance to examine (and keep) what you love and wear—donate the rest.

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Organize by garment, color, or both

Keeping your closet organized when you (and others) can see it is a must. To stay organized and also make your collection of clothes look pleasing to the eye, sort your clothes by garment type and color. Not only will this look better, but it will be easier to find whatever piece you’re looking for.

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Hide your shoes (if you need to)

Shoe storage can be tricky in a small space. If you have tons of shoes—some of which are more worn in than you’d like to admit—display the pretty ones you wear often and hide the worn down and off season shoes under your bed. Disregard if you have a spare wall (and enough gorgeous shoes!) for something like this.

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Use uniform hangers

Using plastic hangers is a no-no. Black felt hangers look chic, but if you want to elevate the look even more, go for these wood or metal options instead.


Splurge on that custom wall unit

Custom units can be expensive to buy and have installed, but if you have the budget, it’s definitely worth the investment. Use this opportunity to design your custom closet to look how exactly how you want. This includes the number of shelves, where they’re located in the mix, and the total dimensions of the closet. Choose to cover your whole wall, make a nook, or just get one rod and shelf installed. Look to Ikea for affordable options.

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Create your own custom closet

If you can’t afford a custom wall unit, make your own! Buy two shelves and attach a bar (or two) in between. This is the perfect example of making do with what you have and getting creative with your space. Just keep in mind how heavy your clothing is and make sure the rod is secure.

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Switch your clothes for each season

Staring at your summer dresses in the dead of winter probably won’t make you feel so great. This will also help condense your wardrobe if you have too much to fit in your closet—and you won’t find your favorite holiday dress sandwiched between two warm weather ones at the end of the season. It will also make your seasonal clothing more visible, so you’ll utilize more of your wardrobe.

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Add a plant

Decorate the space around your

exposed closet

so it looks like it’s part of your decor by adding a plant or flowers. Hanging a few prints above your hanging rack will do the trick, too.

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Avoid windows

Natural light is great, but make sure to set up your exposed closet out of the line of fire. The constant sunlight will fade your clothes, which if we’re being completely honest, sounds like our worst nightmare.

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Don’t have an exposed closet?

Get in on the fun and buy a smaller hanging unit to hold coats, new items, or pieces you know you want to wear that week. Think of it like a chic extension of your closet to display the best of the best.