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Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

As if having to live in a small space wasn’t bad enough, add in the throes of having to deal with the inconvenience of figuring out where to put your stuff. Your closet is probably packed as is, so where do you house the remaining essentials? We’re talking socks, sweaters, towels—you know, the items more commonly reserved for the luxury that is a dresser. And since we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to resort to a Marie Kondo-esque purge as a solution, we set out to find a few helpful ways you can fake a dresser, when you absolutely don’t have room for one. Take a look.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Lidded Baskets

Baskets can be serious life-savers for the small-space dweller lacking storage space. Utilize a lidded basket to house your backup sheets and extra towels. Set the basket in any corner of your home, allowing it to double as a decorative accent. None will be the wiser.

Buy: Lidded Sahara Basket, Swahili Modern, $87.99

Photography by urban outfitters

Hanger Racks

A slimmer alternative to a bulky dresser, hanger rackers are a welcome extension of the closet. Utilize the base of the rack to store shoes or other essentials neatly packed in storage bags.

BuyCameron Clothing Rack, Urban Outfitters, $129

Photography by ikea

Under the Bed

If you’re a small-space dweller there is a good chance that the space under your bed doubles as a storage unit. From housing your off-season clothing to cleaning supplies (and everything else in between) it’s prime real estate for those short on square footage. With that in mind, we’re big proponents of utiziling said space to make up for the lack of having a dresser. Chic and sleek underbed storage pieces are key here, providing you with ample room and cleverly compartmentalized zones for all your essentials.

BuyRÖMSKOG Underbed storage box, Ikea, $50

Photography by Brittany Ambridge


When short on floor space, you take to the walls. Bring in floating shelves to create your very own storage zone, not necessarily confined to the bedroom. Line the shelves with baskets and bins, and utilize them to store your lesser-worn items or extra bedding.

Alternatively, if you have a bookshelf or large enough media console, designate a few of the cubbies to double as a faux dresser. Pair them with boxed containers and neatly store your items inside.

Photography by west elm

Ottomans or Boxed Benches

Extra seating, footrest, secret storage solution for the pieces that never made it into the closet. This is one item that comes with multiple points of functionality, proving that there is so much more to it than meets the eye.

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Photography by anthropologie

Repurposed Hampers

Yet another reason to take to the walls. This clever, wall-mounted hamper will ensure you’re not wasting any floor space, while still providing ample room for you to store your gear.

BuyBamboo Hamper, Anthropologie, $148

Photography by container store


For those blessed with a closet that comes with multiple rows of wall-mounted shelves, repurpose a handful of them to double as a dresser of sorts. Fake drawers in the closet with these ultra clever contraptions.

Buyelfa décor Shelf Dividers, The Container Store, $12.99

Photography by urban outfitters


Not too worried about showing your stuff off? Spice up your storage game and make a decorative statement at the same time. These sleek containers pack in a bold punch and provide a streamlined storage solution built on stackability. Available in a variety of sizes, they make for a versatile way to store everything from bulkier items (such as towels and bedding) to your delicates.

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Photography by Monica Wang


Take note from small-space living guru Whitney Leigh Morris, who knows just exactly how to make the most of tight quarters. Case in point? The built-in unit that sits as the foundation of the living room sofa, all the while doubling as a clever source of storage.

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