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If you have yet to hear of Muji, it’s definitely time to get on board. The Japanese retailer is a purveyor of a wide scope of household essentials (fashion included), which fall under a unified aesthetic: minimalism. Their expansive line of offerings possess the same distinct characteristics: logo-less branding and a strong commitment to reducing waste with an emphasis on recycling. The result is a collection that embodies qualities, not of the utilitarian, but those that marry functionality with a firm adherence to design.

Ahead, we look to the everyday essentials, sourced from Muji, with one thing in mind: small spaces. Read on for our favorite picks that pack in a bold element of style and purpose.

Stacking Shelf 5 Row Oak, $310.25

There is much more to this shelf than meets the eye. Available in a variety of sizes, Muji’s stacking shelf series allows you to get creative with the display. Lacking height in your apartment? Simply set the shelves horizontally—yep, they can be placed both ways—or take the vertical approach, if you’re at the bare minimum width-wise. Mix and match the variously sized offerings from the line to create a shelving unit that fits your space and needs.

Broom, $6.50

A broom and a dustpan are an example of those cleaning essentials one can’t really do without. And when it comes to small spaces, one designed with a streamlined approach is of necessity. This minimalist find definitely fits the bill.

Stainless Steel Basket, $34

It’s safe to say that baskets are a quintessential saving grace when it comes to small-space storage solutions. This minimalist piece features a wire cross design, which makes cleaning a breeze, and is versatile enough to house anything and everything from pantry goods to extra rolls of paper towels or kitchen linens. And as if that wasn’t enough, this one can also double as a drying rack.

Porcelain Toothbrush Stand, $5.50

It’s all about the details and this dainty, porcelain toothbrush stand is about as charming as it gets. I mean, who has room for an actual toothbrush holder when your bathroom comes sans counter space or any semblance of one.

Steel Hanger Rack, $45.50

Lacking a closet? We feel your pain. Bring in this sleek and streamlined hanger rack to house everything from your daily wear to outdoor essentials and accessories.

Tiny spaces mean lots of tiny nooks and crannies you can’t quite reach when you’re cleaning. That’s where a gap brush comes in handy—seriously, does it get any more clever? Utilize this handy tool to get to the hardest-to-reach spaces. 

Glass Round Containers, $10

A cohesive approach to storing your culinary essentials is key to maintaining a clutter-free pantry—even if your space comes without one. These heat-resistant glass containers keep everything in a clear line of vision and will fit perfectly well into any cabinet or floating shelf situation.

Oak Bench, $129.50

We’re all for a versatile bench that can double as either seating or even a nightstand. Slim and compact yet stylistically bold, this oak accent piece is pure sophistication.

[ABS] Tray with Legs, $12

What happens when you can’t build out? You go up. This mini resin tray does just that, easily transforming into a multi-layer storage solution to keep your desk or vanity essentials beautifully contained.

Steel Tray Stand, $52

Side tables can seem like a luxury in a small space but one that can easily slide into the sofa is a clear exception. This sleek, steel structure can be paired with a tray, doubling as a convenient spot to house the inevitable slew of clutter that results in the living room.

Walnut Table Bench, $799.50

Furnishings that come with multiple points of functionality go without saying in a space short on square footage. This ingenious and beautifully minimalist piece doubles as a handy storage unit and additional seating for when you find yourself lacking it.

Ash Wooden Tray, $10

Keep the coffee table clutter to a minimum with a sleek tray that helps corral your trinkets and accessories in one curated spot.

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