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Situated in Culver City, the dwellers of this light-filled home were looking to free their space of the extraneous clutter that had accumulated throughout the years. Armed with an inclination towards minimalism and in favor for the curated, the couple set out to pare down their belongings. With a little help from interior designer Natalie Myers, and her California cool aesthetic, the space was transformed into an organically understated home filled with modern elements and sporadic pops of color.

Here, Myers takes us on a brief tour of the space and dishes on the decorative elements of the redesign. Take a look!


Entry Hooks Danish Design Store | Sofa Room and Board | Chair HD Buttercup | Rocker DWR/ Eames | Stump West Elm

Photography by Amy Bartlam.

A bold assortment of colorful pieces accentuate the whitewashed backdrop of the entry’s tight corners. 

What was the inspiration behind the decor?

My client is a Japanese native who represents Japanese artists abroad. Her keen eye and desire for a minimal interior, inspired by her lifestyle in Tokyo, was the driving force for the design concept. Coupled with my own fortuitous travels to Tokyo, the Eastern sensibilities of organic modernism were a huge influence for this particular project.

What is your favorite part of the designing the space?

My favorite aspect was to tune the new furnishings and decor to her beautiful collection of original art.

Were there any challenges throughout the remodel?

The footprint of the home was quite small for a family of four, with two boys under the age of 2. Considerations about private and public spaces, and allowing enough flexibility for a family to comfortably live in the home without feeling cluttered or crowded, were important. Open-plan living, vaulted ceilings with skylights, a sliding barn door to visually and acoustically separate the living spaces from the private sleeping quarters, and the essentials in terms of furnishings and accessories were all tools to make the home feel much much larger.

What is your favorite spot in the home?

I love the dining area. It is situated centrally in the house where the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room all converge. The hearty table was custom built by my client’s friend. With new Scandinavian-style dining chairs and sculptural lighting above, it became a balanced and inviting spot that one is instantly attracted to. I shared more than a few cups of green tea with my client at that sweet spot.


Chairs A+R Store / Hay | Chandelier Dutton Brown | Pendant Lights AllModern | Baskets Connected Goods

What is one thing you learned from this project?

I learned to edit, and then edit some more. A typical project for me includes layers of textiles and accessories to give a basic design a unique personality. Initially, more layers were presented but my client was the queen of editing out what she didn’t need, as pretty as it was. She successfully kept the budget lean by doing so and the pieces she did decide to bring in to her home were all gems. Now I can’t imagine even one more speck in her home or it would throw everything off.

How would you describe the overall aesthetic of the home?

Organically modern with a hint of California cool.

A lively display of produce manages to effortlessly complement the kitchen’s Cali-chic aesthetic. 

What is one thing you scrimped on when it came to the redesign? 


Once I saw the Kalon Studios Simple Bed I knew it was beyond perfect for this home. My client loved it too but it took a lot of convincing to get her husband on board – he saw their existing espresso-finish wood bed frame as just fine. Now that it’s in, he loves it just as much as the rest of us.

We initially proposed the matching nightstands but when the cost couldn’t be justified, we ended up with the lovely brass inlay nightstands from West Elm instead. What I like about this collection from West Elm is that its limited edition so it feels as special as the bed. The wood and brass are a good match to the bed frame finishes. I’m super happy with the combination of high-low/specialty studio-big box store.


Dresser Mash Studios | Bed Kalon Studios | Nightstands West Elm | Sconces One Forty Three

What was the biggest takeaway from this redesign?

This home is a terrific example of less is more. It taught me about only bringing the essentials into your home and choosing new items with love and intention. After completing this project, I did a major purge in my own home. As much as I think I’m minimalist, its hard not to be seduced by the latest trends and wanting to acquire more and more pretty things. This was a good lesson about what a home really needs to feel warm and whole.


Crib Allmodern | Curtains Pottery Barn Kids | Quilt Etsy | Mobile Artecnica | Elephant DWR/Vitra