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I’m currently working on an exciting design remodel for a wonderful client in Vero Beach, Florida, where my team and I are renovating the kitchen, master bath, and guest bathroom. As a designer, I know how important it is for me to have the ability to seamlessly translate my ideas for a particular space, and when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design, it’s imperative that the aesthetic is crystal clear before the first sledgehammer swings during demo.

I know the looks my clients are seeking and the way they want the spaces to feel. For me, bringing their vision to life starts with wonderful surfaces and innovative, stylish materials. We knew we wanted to use a quartz material in these three spaces, and I really love a lot of the dynamic patterns, colorways and textures from the Corian® Design Quartz collections. It’s the right mix of functionality and durability that make a real style statement in each space.

Design inspiration can be communicated in many different ways, and finding the perfect tool to help you share your design story with a client is invaluable. While I was sourcing different colors and patterns on the Corian Design website, I saw they offer this really cool design tool called the 

Moodboard Maker


I scrolled through it just to see what it was all about, and actually found myself playing with the different inspiration ideas and images to create design boards for this Vero Beach project. Chris, my design associate, does all of the computer boards and graphics we present to clients, as I actually don’t know how to do any of that stuff—and it can take him up to a day to create a design board that illustrates a design scheme.

But using the Moodboard Maker, I was able to create a quick snapshot of the overall feel and design of the kitchen in only three minutes. I pulled in the Corian Quartz materials into the geometric layout, used some of the images the website offers, as well as uploaded some of my own favorite images.

Designers are storytellers. We want to create spaces that announce a client’s personal style as well as make them functional for the way they want to live, so we need an easy way to tell that story. This particular client’s kitchen is truly going to be the heart of their home—a casual yet chic hub for their busy household that embodies the beautiful Floridian lifestyle.

By combining Corian Design’s Calacatta Natura for the island countertop and Grigio Alpi Quartz for the perimeter counters, I’ll be creating a dynamic contrast that will add visual interest and pack the design punch I’m going for. The Moodboard Maker helped me to create that feel at a simple glance. I chose the “Relaxed” style and the tool used that information to portray what the final look and vibe of their kitchen would be.

For the master bathroom Moodboard I chose the “Refined” style. I want that space to feel like a total escape and have an elegant look, so I used the Versilia Grigio Corian Quartz, which is a super luxurious surface.

I see it as a romantic getaway space, a spot to rest, recharge, and relax. It’s sometimes hard to find a way to share all the things you want a space to be for a client, but when you look at the Moodboard for the master bath, I think you get exactly what I want the client to experience when they walk into the space.

With the guest bathroom, I went with the “Modern” style for the Moodboard. I know this space will be a study in color, and I like the depth and dimension of a rich slate blue paired with pale gray and crisp white.

It was super simple for me to drag and drop images in the Moodboard Maker, and then if I wasn’t crazy about something, it was easy to delete it (without the help of anyone in my office). The colorful Blue Cararra Corian Quartz paired with the soft and subtle Neve material will round out the design scheme and add the special design elements I need to make this space feel special.

I see the Moodboard Maker tool as an easy way for anyone, not just a designer, to explore the different options and material combinations in a simple, fun, and creative way. It’s so straightforward yet insightful and allows anyone to easily bring their design vision to life.

For Vero Beach, stay tuned for final before and after pics of this exciting project that will be finishing up in the fall. It’s so rewarding to see where a space starts and what a colossal transformation you can make by putting the right design styles, products, and materials into place—and I can guarantee this will be a doozy of a before and after.

Check out the Corian Moodboard Maker yourself at CorianMoodboardMaker.com. You might surprise yourself with what you can create and the design direction it might point you in.