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photo courtesy of muji

Muji’s biggest secret isn’t that its best-selling product is a cushy beanbag chair that will seamlessly morph to your body or that it created a 96-square-foot house for people who love all things tiny. The Japanese retailer has been keeping another gem from us: the PP series.

If you’re just learning about this for the first time, allow us to bring you up to speed. The PP series is the little-known backbone of Muji’s organizational products. The series is effectively broken up into two collections: the PP file boxes and the PP storage systems. True to their name, the file boxes are designed to contain small loose items while the latter category comprises a series of modular cases, drawers, and racks that can soar to new heights by connecting to one another.

The real revelation came when we realized just how versatile these seemingly ordinary containers are. Though they may lack the embellishment, color, and texture of a stylish woven basket or sleek marble tray, they can solve any storage problem imaginable. Don’t believe us? Here are four different ways you can use the PP series at home.

If You’re Ready to Stow Away Winter Gear…

photo courtesy of muji

The area beneath the bed is easily the most underutilized storage spots in the home. If you’re in the middle of transitioning your closet from winter to spring, take advantage of this often-overlooked space by using it as an opportunity to hide seasonal accessories, bulky coats, or your extensive tote bag collection. While Muji’s PP clothing drawers can be stacked on top of one another to create a makeshift dresser, they can also be lined up at the foot of the bed for easy access. The translucent polypropylene structures make it easy to view the contents inside at a glance.

If Your Pots and Pans Are All Over the Place…

photo courtesy of muji

We get it: They’re awkward, heavy, and hard to stash in a regular cabinet. And even if you have a drawer deep enough to hold all your cooking essentials, rifling through it for a skillet will likely leave a second mess to clean up after dinner. While the standard file box looks like it belongs in the office, the catchall can actually be used to create a clutter-free display in the kitchen. Your favorite wok and go-to griddle will never be out of place.

If You Hoard Bath Products Like It’s Your Job…

photo courtesy of muji

Your itty-bitty medicine cabinet can only hold so much. For all the everyday essentials you can’t squeeze behind closed doors, consider building a custom unit out of the PP racks to house odds and ends. The open siding offers easy access to items like towels and hairdryers that might not otherwise fit under the sink. The racks are currently only available in-store.

If You Dream of a Walk-In Closet Every Night…

photo courtesy of muji

For those among us who are struggling with their closet space—err, rather lack thereof—sometimes the best answer isn’t a bespoke wardrobe or fancy floating hanging rack. When it comes to stowing away staples that easily fold, it’s all a matter of drawer space. Sure, you might not want these semi-translucent drawers hanging out in the open, but they’ll work wonders inside a shallow bedroom closet. Simply set them on the floor and stack away. You can also use the PP drawers to turn an underutilized hall closet into a haven for spare linens.

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