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We bet your space is looking a whole lot dustier these days—and not because you’ve suddenly become a dirtier person since hunkering down at home. As you get reacquainted with your space, you’ll likely see things you didn’t before, like the layer of little particles accumulating along the top of the headboard or coffee table. (Also, it doesn’t help that messes seem to become more noticeable after daylight saving.) All your unsettling discoveries, though, can be solved with a simple tool: Muji’s large lint roller.

The $5 find is the company’s best-selling item during the spring cleaning season, probably because its potential spans far beyond the closet. As with any typical lint roller, the product comes with perforated adhesive sheets, but this supersize version also includes a freestanding case (so it doesn’t stick to anything when not in use). Plus, it can be attached to the brand’s extendable poles, which makes it perfect for collecting pet fur off sofas and carpets, says Muji’s interior adviser manager, Kanako Hatai. We tapped her for some creative ways to roll with the product.

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Cleaning System Lint Roller, Muji ($5)

For the Curtains

Not only are the tops of your drapes hard to reach, but you also probably wouldn’t normally think of wiping them down in the first place. Thanks to the rod attachment, the whole process is a breeze. To really get to the fabric, Hatai recommends pulling down on the bottom of the material to create a flat, tight surface before rolling over it. 

For Sheets

Like a lot of Muji’s cleaning system products, the roller has a sleek, minimal look to it, meaning it can be stored anywhere and blend into the background. In fact, Hatai keeps hers in her bedroom next to a floor lamp so she can easily access it when she wants to spruce up the duvet. Breakfast-in-bed types, take note. 

For the Bathroom

Drying and brushing your hair naturally results in a few fallen strands on the floor by the sink, so roll up those loose ends the next time you decide to deep clean this space. Vacuum who?

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