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We love satisfying shortcuts—Instant Pot meals that are ready in no time and tiny organizing tasks you can complete in 10 minutes—but when it comes to cleaning your home, especially your bathroom, hacks are few and far between. You might be tempted to delay scrubbing it down, convincing yourself that “it cleans itself with each shower,” but quite the contrary: Moisture and humidity can make your tiles a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and germs.

And even though you’re staying home more than usual these days, no one wants to spend 15 to 20 minutes a week scouring a bathroom. So we found one small tweak that can make the chore more bearable: Just clean your shower as you shower. Here’s the ultimate lazy approach for cleaning every inch during your daily wash-up.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need two tools: a scrubber and a surface cleaner. A Magic Eraser emits almost no fumes and is very effective on tiles (magic, indeed!). Other great options are the gentle Muji 3-layer sponge and the heavy-duty Public Goods walnut scouring pad. Or you can take things a step further and pick a soap-dispensing sponge, like the Scotch-Brite heavy-duty dish wand. (Surprise: Simple dish soap is effective for scrubbing a shower, too.)


For an au naturel cleaner, mix a 1:5 ratio of white vinegar to water in an empty spray bottle. If the smell is too potent, add a few drops of essential oil. Want ready-made? Supernatural Bath & Tile Cleaner is a blend of highly effective essential oils.

Step 2: Get Steamy

Crack open a window or door if possible so you get plenty of airflow, then hop in the shower. Go about your normal routine, washing your hair and body. After you’ve put in your conditioner (or better yet, a hair mask), get to cleaning.

With the water running or turned off, spritz down the walls and scrub away. Don’t forget the showerhead and knobs: They get dirty, too. Have a cup on hand that you can fill with water to wash down the walls and remove any remaining cleaning solution. All in all, this should take mere minutes. 

Scrubbing down your shower weekly should mean you’ll have no (or a much less frequent) need for deep cleaning. But if your space really needs stronger products and some elbow grease, leave that for a session outside of your morning or nighttime routine. You don’t want to hotbox yourself in a steamy cubicle with chemical-laden products.


Step 3: Keep It Clean

After all your hard work, you want your tiles to remain tidy. Keep them that way with a daily post-shower spritz of Method Daily Shower Cleaner, ECOS Shower Cleaner, or a similar product. This acts as a mini cleaning session that keeps mildew and soap scum at bay while dissolving any mineral buildup. It’s all about the maintenance. 

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