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Stepping into a Muji store is like entering a realm where organizational tools are arranged artfully, soft white textiles stand ready to be caressed, and soothing, essential oil–scented mists are always mere feet away. The retailer’s new hotel—the first one in Japan—is like all those sensations combined with the added bonus of a place to sleep.

Located in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood, a major shopping district defined by bright city lights and busy streets, the latest Muji hotel offers serenity in the form of 79 different rooms, each with everything the weary traveler could possibly need. Ultra-soft white bedding on scientifically derived mattresses creates a cloud-like bed typical of luxe hotels, but when paired against warm wood-paneled surfaces and off-white walls, they have an even greater calming effect.

courtesy of muji

The beauty of these rooms lies in their simplicity. While they have no shortage of toiletries and travel essentials (a kettle, hairdryer, fridge, and the like), nearly everything is rendered in the same neutral palette. Visual clutter is nonexistent here.

For true lovers of the brand, there’s more to explore in the building as well. Muji’s Ginza hotel shares the same structure as its global flagship store, which spans the first six floors of the building. In addition, Atelier Muji Ginza provides a gallery and library space where visitors can explore Japanese design, a bakery offers daily-made local delicacies, and the Muji Diner serves preservative-free, naturally focused cuisine.

courtesy of muji

Now, take a few deep breaths near your Muji aroma diffuser and start planning your trip—reservations are now open for visits as soon as April 4.

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