The One Tiny Accessory You Need for Your Small Space

Organize your home with this smart storage solution.

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Decorating a small space is all about being sneaky. Need a sofa? It better be able to double as a side table! Thinking of upgrading to a new lamp? Don’t, unless it can also magically transform into a mirror. When every item in your home needs to be working overtime and multifunctionality is the name of the game, smart decorating is of the utmost importance. This means squeezing use out of every square inch, and there’s one part of the home that’s typically left emptier than the rest: the walls.

So why not use them to organize your home, once and for all? Wall hooks are tiny, more affordable than bulky storage furniture and, as these finds prove, they don’t sacrifice style for function. Here, the mini space-saving tools you absolutely need.

Gym Hooks, Hay, $40+

These hooks win the prize for most unusual design we’ve seen, and we’re high-key obsessed. Loop hangers or towels through each donut-shaped hanger, and secure to the wall with screws. You can shop the trendy design online at Huset.

Coat Hooks, Etsy, $12

Made from natural wood with just the right amount of color, these minimalist hooks are a must for your entryway. Despite their slim appearance, each hook can actually hold up to 9 pounds—so all your essentials, from heavy coats to product-filled purses, are guaranteed a home.

Boob Hook, Coming Soon, $38

Who says practical has to be serious? We’re all about these irreverent pieces for a fun addition to your walls, which happen to be super useful as well. One thing’s for sure: They’ll make for a definite conversation-starter at your next get-together.

Bubble Hook, Petite Friture, $100

Each sculptural piece is made from mold-blown glass, adding instant interest and sophistication to your walls while also clearing up space. The imperfect shape lends a bespoke feel to each hook, which to us looks more like a work of art than a functional organization item.

Volet Hook (set of 2), Hay, $25

We love the bold emerald hue—one of our favorite shades for spring, incidentally—as a statement-making wall addition in its own right, but we love it even more when it’s serving a purpose. Short on kitchen space? Try hanging anything from mugs to pots on these industrial-looking hooks, and free up cabinet or countertop real estate in the process.

Bent Metal Wall Hooks, West Elm, $18

Anyone who’s a fan of modern metal decor will love these fun accessories. The standard neutral hues exist for strict minimalists, but we’re partial to the trendy mint green shade and the bubblegum pink. Instead of folding towels or bathrobes and taking up valuable cabinet space, pick up a couple of these to tidy up your bathroom in no time.

Punched Metal Hook, Hem, $29

Available in a range of vibrant tones and neutral hues, these steel pegs are the picture of clean, Scandinavian simplicity. Mix and match colors to make wall storage a bit more fun and liven up a whitewashed space without making it seem cluttered—the cardinal sin of small-space decorating.

Reta Circle Wall Hook, Urban Outfitters, $6

Simple, sturdy, and stylish, these circular hooks are the perfect accompaniment to—or replacement for—your closet. At just $6, it’s easy to pick up a whole bunch, grab some hangers, and transform an empty bedroom wall into a

gallery wall

of sorts for your clothes.

Cast Iron Hook, Ferm Living, $18.57

If minimalism for you is less about color or shape and more about actual size, scale down your wall storage quite literally with these tiny little pegs. They can even be used as knobs to jazz up cabinets; ideal for those of us who may not be able to afford a large-scale renovation but want to personalize our homes regardless.

Curve Hook, Normann Copenhagen, $27

Alternatively, stick to the basics. Inspired by Danish

1950s design

again with that Scandi simplicity!—each misty green hook is sleek and won’t detract from the decor of your space. It lets whatever you hang on it take center stage.

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