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There is one piece of small-space decorating advice that is not stated enough: Don’t forget to use your walls. When you can’t go out, go up. Utilize your vertical surfaces to both draw the eye up and create extra storage. The best way to do this simultaneously is via wall-mounted shelves—but not just any wall-mounted shelves.

There exists a certain subgroup of ledges that those living in tiny homes will find particularly life changing: two-in-one shelves that serve multiple purposes without taking up additional real estate. And not only are they super-functional, they’re also an inexpensive way to squeeze an extra bit of customization into your space. So we’ve rounded up our favorites in the hopes of curing all your small-space woes in one shopping trip.

If your bathroom essentials are all over the place…

Toilet Paper Holder, Noortje ($96)

Meet Noortje’s shelf–slash–toilet-paper holder, the ultimate tiny bathroom companion. Swap out your old fixture for something brighter to instantly make a basic space feel a bit more personal. It will also free up the cabinet under the sink, given that you can house extra TP right on top.


If your smallest (and most unwieldy) accessories need somewhere to live…

Element Hanging Shelf, MoMA Design Store ($85)

This seafoam green hanging shelf fits seamlessly on a coat rack or in a closet. Tuck smaller accessories, like belts or scarves, into the hanger’s hidden cavity and eliminate the need for a clunky over-the-door design.

If you have zero space for a nightstand…

90-Degree Wall Lamp, Frama ($400)

This Frama wall lamp is the hardest-working nightstand in the game. Part light, part ledge, you can mount it next to your bed to keep your nighttime essentials within easy reach, while keeping your floor totally clear.

If your wardrobe is overflowing…

Tower Wide Clothing Ladder with Shelf, Yamazaki Home ($73)

Keep surplus clothing on this sleek ladder, which also includes a shelf for smaller accessories, such as a clutch or sunglasses. Simply prop it against a free wall—in your entry for outerwear; in your bedroom for everything else—and you have yourself the perfect space-saving storage solution.

If your roommate is hogging the towel rack…

Corin Bathroom Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters ($29)

Mount this ceramic wall shelf, with room for both your towels and your favorite bath products, like salts or a candle, and show your housemate up.


If your entryway is literally just a door…

Brass Mirror, Pop & Scott ($1,043)

Feign a designated entrance by crafting a vignette right where you walk in, with this brass mirror as the star. Your keys and even a bud vase would fit neatly on its ledge, making it the only accent your faux foyer needs.  

If your kitchen could use some organizing…

Nest Hanger, Northern ($49)

You can use this handy hanging dish in a multitude of ways to give your small kitchen extra storage and a hit of Scandinavian style. Try it as a makeshift fruit bowl, using the hook to hang your reusable shopping bag, or toss aprons there while turning the bowl into a home for your grocery coupons and receipts.

If your home office would stress out Marie Kondo…

Folded Shelf in Light Terracotta, Muuto ($129)

Keep important paperwork filed away in plain sight courtesy of this terracotta design. Stick it directly above your desk to remind you to keep your work surface clutter-free. There’s even a spot for your keys, should you need it.

If you dream of getting ready at a vanity in the morning…

Constellation Mirror, Formae ($57)

Hung in your bathroom, this tiny ledge will do the trick as a micro-vanity—there’s just enough space for your go-to makeup and skin-care products. Alternatively, try incorporating it into your gallery wall (at face level, so you can still use it!) to break up traditional artwork with a functional touch.


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