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We totally get it. Small spaces are hard to furnish: That velvet chesterfield sofa is basically the size of your living room, and a sleigh bed is off the table. But limited square footage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. At Domino, we’re all about melding design and function—a sentiment we apparently share with Urban Outfitters, the hipster-chic retailer that’s been outfitting bohemian homes and promoting a culture of creativity since its inception nearly 50 years ago. We’ve scoured their website and gathered the best items to make your humble abode feel like a palace.

Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror, $160

If you want to make a small space feel larger, a wall mirror is a great place to start. Not only can it add a splash of glamour, a well-placed mirror can also totally transform how a space feels. Mirrors reflect light and trick the eye into thinking it doubled in size. This large porthole-esque mirror is big enough to create a statement on any wall, yet small enough to work in compact spaces.

Takara Column Wood Shelf, $119

Be sure you’re utilizing as much of your empty wall space as possible. This thin wall-mounted shelf won’t take up as much space as other shelves—plus, with four levels, there’s tons of room to hold anything from books to plants to everything in between.


Cameron Clothing Rack, $129

If you have limited closet space, as most small apartments do, this is the answer to your clothing storage woes. It has a minimal, sleek design that pairs well with any kind of décor, and it offers multiple storage options. Hang clothes, stack shoes, add boxes…there’s plenty you can do to organize the stuff in your home. This is one of those pieces that will become an integral part of your daily routine.


Flex Shelf Shower Caddy, $16

Tiny apartment

s usually breed tiny bathrooms, which in turn mean your shower situation might be less than ideal. While that dream of a spa-like bath with plenty of storage for all your favorite products might be temporarily out of reach, you can make up for lost space with a shower caddy that’s infinitely chicer than whatever you used back in your dorm days.


Cameron Bathroom Shelf, $59

This multifunctional system works just as well in the kitchen as it does in the bathroom. Whether it’s holding shampoo bottles or olive oils, you’re definitely going to appreciate the extra storage. It even comes with a built-in towel rack, all neatly packaged in one minimalist contraption.


Leni Leaning Mirror, $119

We’ve already established the usefulness of a mirror in a small space, but when consolidated with a clothing rack into one piece, that mirror becomes the ultimate hack for making a tiny room livable. Use in your bedroom to hold things like scarves and sweaters, or in the bathroom as a towel rack.  


Keane Magazine Holder, $39

Arguably best-suited for a tiny apartment because of its tiny size, this magazine holder latches on to whatever shelving unit you already own. A must for anyone who saves old glossies and newspapers, it’s a sleek addition that’ll help you save coveted surface space.


Amy Carroll Wemmick Art Print, $29-$399

Designers are quick to recommend using an oversized piece of artwork in a small space. Scale up for maximum effectiveness. An art piece adds drama, creates a central focal point, and can tie together a color scheme throughout the room. This fun print by photographer Amy Carroll is a nice way to introduce personality to your home.

Loren Leather Ceramic Hanging Planter, $16

If you can’t go out, go up. A great way to maximize room in a small apartment is to utilize your vertical space. These geometric planters hang down from the ceiling and create the illusion of height by drawing the eye up. Emphasizing an apartment’s vertical space elicits a sense of openness and helps define the flow of the rooms. Plus, greenery is a surefire way to make a house feel like a home.


Victor Tripod Floor Lamp, $169

This floor lamp doesn’t take up much room—which is why it’s on this list—but its modern design is also perfectly functional. It comes with a built-in shelf, so if you don’t have room in your living area or bedroom for a side table you don’t have to sacrifice surface space.


Mid-Century Fold Out Desk, $399

When designing a small space, it’s a no-brainer to seek out furniture that can be pushed back, tucked away, or stowed, like this fold-out wooden desk. When guests come over, use it to hide unsightly papers, but when it’s time to get down to business, unfold the desk for a comfortable, roomy workspace.

Joni Net Window Curtain, $79

If you’re having a hard time defining spaces in your home, or if you live in a studio apartment with no visible separation between your living and sleeping space, consider using a lightweight and breathable fabric to separate rooms. These lightweight panels are light and airy, and the knitted see-through fabric goes well with any bohemian home. Hang these from the ceiling, and suddenly one space becomes two.

This story was originally published December 21, 2016. It was updated with new information April 16, 2018.

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