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There’s a silent judge seeking permanent residence on my kitchen cart. It’s pink. It’s round. It’s the Louise Bowl from Hawkins New York and it’s currently employed as my fruit bowl. Or at least, it would be, but I’m about a week and a half past the day I told myself I needed to go to Trader Joe’s to buy fruit. So there it sits, empty, both a reminder that I should stock up on oranges and a warning that if I don’t, I may get scurvy. When it’s filled with fruit, I can feel it nagging me to pick up a piece of produce every time I pass it, like the overbearing mother I don’t live with and I love it for that reason. After all, it’s not often you can credit your decor with making you healthier.

Besides reminding me to eat more fruit, my tiny bowl has served me well in other ways. It’s always nice to have on hand when I need a last-minute serving dish. Plus, until I can summon the wherewithal to start creating elaborate floral centerpieces for forthcoming dinner parties, the simple design works perfectly as a more casual finishing touch for my table. Fruit is the new floral.

If your own kitchen could use a healthy kick, consider the following fruit bowls as an investment in both your diet and your decor.


If you love to stargaze

Saturn Ceramic Bowl, Light + Ladder ($210)

Buy into the galactic decor trend in a way that doesn’t feel like a fad. Designed to look like half of a planet, this sculptural piece is just the celestial statement that’s missing from your kitchen.

If you want a sculptural statement


Strøm Bowl, Raawii ($105)

This bowl is a veritable Instagram celebrity. Raawii’s footed dishes enjoyed some internet virality earlier this year, and we can totally see why: Punchy hues, coupled with a cool sculptural silhouette, make for a unique piece.

If you’re a Pollock fan

Green on Yellow Splatterware Bowl, March ($120)


Between the striking color combination and the splatter paint pattern, this is one ceramic that isn’t shy about making a statement. Use it to bring a painterly feel to your dining room table or kitchen counters.

If you think perfection is overrated

Hearthside Serving Bowl, Anthropologie ($58)

Opt for an organically shaped dish whose beauty lies in its imperfection. The vibrant blue will look particularly stunning against yellow fruits, like papayas or bananas, if you’re going for aesthetics, but hey, if style is what it takes to get your five a day, we won’t stand in your way.


If you’re all about serene simplicity

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Farmhouse Stoneware Flared Bowl, Sheldon Ceramics ($135)

Clean lines and subtle neutrals make for pretty much the ultimate minimalist piece. Sheldon Ceramics’ flared bowl is a beautiful ode to simplicity and is especially great for bringing a desert feel to your space.  

If you’re always on top of the latest trends


Prong Fruit Bowl, Sin ($64)

If you’ve so much as read a home tour or logged into Instagram in the last few years, you’ve definitely seen SIN’s trademark pronged bowl. Given the fact that it’s open-sided, you might think this bowl is purely decorative, but the slotted sides allow fruit of all sizes to breathe.

If you’re not over pastels

Wire Fruit Basket, Amazon ($15)


Pick a soft green bowl, whose sleek wire sides keep it from looking too sweet. This modern piece would be equally great as a bread basket to use at your next get-together—just add a tea towel to the base to avoid precious carbs slipping through the cracks.

If your kitchen is lacking in square footage 

Wire Bowl, Commonplace ($45)

Simplicity rules with this minimalist piece. It won’t look too bulky placed in your tiny kitchen and really lets the vibrant colors of your fresh fruit take center stage.


If you want a play on tradition

Mesh Bowl, Fundamental Berlin ($50)

Choose a more unusual bowl material (like mesh) to turn the idea of a traditional fruit bowl on its head. Fruit and vegetables of all sizes would fare well in this contemporary piece; opt for black or white if you want to ensure you’ll get use out of this bowl for years to come.

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