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It’s moving season. And as you’re holding a tribunal to decide which decor items are coming with you and which you’re ready to upgrade, we have one friendly suggestion: It’s time to ditch your old bed frame and splash out on a new one.

Easily the most visually impactful part of any bedroom, a good frame is worth the investment. If you have a tiny room, it’s the only statement-maker you need, giving you the leeway to keep the rest of your space pared back. If you’re struggling with pulling together a design, a bed frame is a great jumping-off point to help inform a color palette or decor aesthetic. Opt for a nonupholstered headboard to keep your room feeling fresh and light—and to help you out in the cleaning department, since nonfabric boards won’t collect as much dust.

Whether you have the budget for a fully new frame or want to play it safe with a stand-alone headboard, we have you covered. Treat your bedroom to the stellar piece it deserves, ahead.


For a cool take on rattan

Ria Rattan Bed, Urban Outfitters ($949)

Not your neighbors’ peacock chair: This curved (dare we say tubular?) rattan bed is a bohemian dream and a half. With its clean silhouette and ribbed design, it’s the perfect fusion of contemporary style and retro ’70s. Play up the natural feel of the frame by decking it out with bedding in rusty oranges and muted terracottas.

For a hint of the trendiest material du jour

Cane King Bed, Industry West ($3,600)

Cane furniture is everywhere, and the coolest way to bring it home may just be via a bed frame. The high-contrast look of the frame is especially striking, making it perfectly suited to a simpler, neutral color scheme.  

For a dose of Deco

Deco Bed, Anthropologie ($1,298+)

Channel the opulence of the era with a stately iron bed frame. The material and silhouette of this bed is reminiscent of something you might find in a European villa. Play up that rustic vibe with a complementary wall treatment, like a goldenrod yellow paint hue applied using the sponge technique—or even limewash, if you’re feeling particularly daring.

For a galactic invasion

Rainbow Iridescent Headboard, Urban Outfitters ($399)

Eschew the bulky bed frame altogether for a hangable headboard. Bring a hint of otherworldly style home with a playful wall accent; you won’t need a gallery wall with this iridescent piece propped up. Plus, it’s an easy way to dress up a simple frame or a mattress-on-the-floor situation.


For a minimalist basic

The Platform Bed, Floyd ($895)

Floyd’s platform bed is beloved for its pared-back elegance, and we can see why. Sleek lines ensure this frame’s versatility without compromising style. It’s also super-easy to put together and take apart—no tools required—making it ideal for the frequent apartment hopper in search of versatile simplicity.

For a hint of texture

Tansy Strap with Metal Frame Headboard, Target ($165)

Opt for a faux leather headboard that features a woven design for a bit of textural contrast. Whether juxtaposed with patterned pillows and throws for a more maximalist look or used as the backdrop for clean white linens, it’s sure to make a statement.  

For a two-in-one option

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.39.27 PM
Distrikt Queen Bed, France & Son ($2,750)

For the über-small bedroom, get thee a bed frame that can do it all. This queen size may take up most of the square footage, but it comes with a built-in nightstand. Complement the classic Shaker style with near-neutral hues, like navy or off-white. 

For a plush cushion

Hanging Leather Headboard, The Citizenry ($695)

Make reading in bed a bit more comfy with a soft headboard made for leaning against. This piece is super-easy to install and will instantly elevate your bedroom—a luxe caramel-colored leather will do that for any space.


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