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Millennials Are Moving to These Two Cities—and They’re Not New York or LA

So, what’s the draw?

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Nationwide, millennials (currently, anyone from ages 21 to 39) are undergoing a wide breadth of life experiences. They might be just out of college and considering moving to a different city than the one where they grew up. They might be in the process of switching careers or taking a new position that causes them to relocate. Or maybe they’re starting a family of their own and are making a move to a place where they can really put down roots. Simply put: Millennials are moving, and according to a report by the National Association of Realtors, two small cities are seeing them come in droves, Bloomberg reported.

New Haven-Milford, Connecticut, and Madison, Wisconsin, have had the largest percentage of incoming millennials, with that generation making up 75 percent of all recent movers to both cities. So what’s compelling young people to move there?

Well, finances have one thing to do with it. Madison offers the highest wages for millennials—with 29 percent of millennials affording homes in the area. Similarly, in New Haven-Milford, 28 percent of millennials can afford homes—that’s a pretty decent rate for a generation that by and large is racked with student debt.

That’s not the only draw, though. These cities also have plenty to offer millennials in terms of culture and entertainment. In New Haven, The Blake hotel stands out as a surprisingly chic hospitality option for a college town, and Madison boasts a flourishing foodie scene, including a few restaurants by a James Beard Award–winning chef. In addition to that, both cities are home to expansive college campuses (Yale, University of New Haven, and University of Wisconsin–Madison) that include plenty of art galleries, museums, and quality entertainment that post-grads can enjoy too.

Like the best cities for recent grads, these two destinations might not be the biggest names or have the largest populations, but they could very well be the places where millennials can find the opportunities they crave.

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