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Between coordinating delivery people and packing up every ceramic you own while feverishly praying they make it in one piece, moving is a chore any way you spin it. Add frigid temps to the mix, and the whole thing sounds downright awful. But here’s the thing: relocating in the colder months can save you money big time. We have this on good authority from Lior Rachmany, the founder of NYC’s largest moving company, Dumbo Moving. Evidently, winter moves—specifically in February—cost 25 percent less than summer ones

The reason behind this is simple: More people move in the June-to-September period, so the demand is just less this time of year. If budget is a big factor in your plans, it’s time to strap on those snow boots and get to wrapping those plates—and to ease your qualms, Rachmany has a few tips for moving in the snowy season:

Be Your Own Meteorologist

“Start following the forecast at least one week before moving day,” says Rachmany. Not just because this will determine if you need to postpone because of rain or snow, but because it also affects traffic—you might need to prepare an alternate route for your moving vehicle. And be sure to ready your car for less-than-ideal conditions so your prized antique dresser gets there safely.  

Choose Materials Carefully

Rachmany recommends plastic over cardboard for boxes. Not only is this more sustainable—you can rent them and get them picked up after—but these durable options will also better protect your belongings from the elements. 

Do Some Prep Work 

After a day of lugging furniture in the freezing cold, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a dark house whose heat hasn’t fully turned on yet. Have all your utilities set up and the thermostat cranked so you can feel right at home when you crack open that bottle of celebratory bubbly

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