Published on June 19, 2019

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Image by Aaron Bengochea

Welcome to The Deep Dive, a series in which we search high and low for the best of the best in any decor-related category, from affordable lighting to vintage rugs. Next up: glassware.

There exist a few home decor items that are informal markers of having it officially together. Chic pots full of thriving plants you haven’t accidentally murdered. An upgraded bed frame that actually comes with a headboard. Frivolous kitchen tools, like butter warmers and miniature spoons. The height of luxury! Today, we’re adding another cast member to the ranks: Matching drinking glasses.

Frequent entertainer or not, you should invest in stylish glassware. It instantly brings a level of sophistication to your kitchen—even if the rest of the space is full of misfit utensils accrued over years of roommates and moves. Displayed on open shelving, it balances out heavier ceramics with its airiness. Showcased on a bar cart, it makes the cheapest of beverages appear fancy. All that to say, nice glasses are a fundamental part of your tableware collection. If you’re stumped on where to start, we have some ideas.

The Juice Glasses

Have some fun and opt for short tumblers in an array of colors and silhouettes. It may not make you a morning person, but leisurely sipping your OJ from a tiny Technicolor cup makes the whole business of early days a little more bearable.

The Water Glasses

A crucial desktop accessory for the work-from-home freelancer (and nightstand essential for all), tall tumblers will guilt you into staying hydrated—especially when paired with a carafe, so water is always within reach. With all their colors and patterns, these options will make even casual weeknight dinners feel special.  

The Wineglasses

From Netflix binges to dinner parties, a good wineglass will see you through a lot. And while there’s something to be said for a classic version, there are so many exciting designs on the market. Instead, go sculptural or colorful, especially if you plan on displaying your new glassware for all to see.

The Glass Mugs

Yes, ceramic coffee cups are all well and good, but glass ones feel more unexpected, not to mention they’re way more fun to use. So snag a few to round out your mug assortment. They’ll give you an excuse to start taking after the Swedes with a midmorning fika (coffee break).

The Champagne Glasses

With these elegant flutes and coupes in your collection, you don’t need a reason to celebrate. They’re a must-have for New Year’s Eve, of course, but also for impromptu pizza delivery with friends.

The Specialty Glasses

These glasses will have you saying things like, “Does anyone want to do a cordial tasting?” Specialty barware can often run tacky—not these elevated pieces. Their mix of playful and refined details turn that bad reputation on its head.

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