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The art of aerating wine, steeping a perfect cup of tea, or successfully cold-brewing coffee takes hard work to master. In its continued quest to help streamline our kitchen stays—thank you, impossible to mismatch or topple over food containers—Our Place launched a new tableware solution that simplifies all the aforementioned skills by packing them into one multitasking and elegant-looking design. Say hello to the real star of the eco-friendly cookware brand’s just-debuted Tableware Collection: the Night + Day Carafe.

Aerates wine
Infuses water
Cold-brews coffee

The workhorse vessel is handmade from a beautiful yet durable soda-lime glass that holds up to 46 fluid ounces of liquid (dealer’s choice). Its real horsepower comes with the custom-fitted bells and whistles: a silicone filtering lid that provides a 360-degree pour; a snap-on stainless steel infuser for cold-brewing tea, coffee, or fruit-infused water and spirits; an aerator that helps your favorite bottles of wine breathe. And let’s not forget its design-forward, celestial-inspired colorways: sunrise, a dusty rose; twilight, a soft sky blue; and dusk, a café au lait brown.

Features a stackable design
Sunrise, Twilight, and Dusk colorways

To add to its already genuinely impressive roster of multitasking abilities, the carafe is stackable—a fitting complement to one of our favorite Our Place tableware creations, the stackable tumblers. (If you don’t yet own any space-saving drinkware, we suggest carting up the new Night + Day glasses.)

Aside from our hero Night + Day Carafe, the new Our Place tableware collection includes other dual-purpose pieces that took the brand “thousands of hours of research” to design, prototype, and test. The end result is well-made dinnerware staples with multi-functional abilities; think plates that work as leftover lids or bowls made to nestle securely onto appetizer platters. Everything is stackable and safe to toss in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave. All this functionality is rounded out with an eye-catching aesthetic that can steal the show at your next dinner party. 

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