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Courtesy of DeVol Kitchens

Peaceful pastels and mood-boosting brights have gotten us through some dark times over the past few years, but as we look ahead to fall, we’re ready to shed the solace for a more daring corner of the color chart. Deep, brown-tinged reds, rather than their stop-sign and fire-engine counterparts, are commanding our attention. Love them or hate them, we’ve noticed the shades showing up everywhere—from the highly anticipated Villa Paladio Jaipur to church-turned-hotel Peter & Paul to the backdrop of Harry Styles’s chart-topping music video “Late Night Talking.”

Courtesy of Hotel Peter & Paul

Here’s our case for giving these eye-catching, darker reds a chance: You don’t have to be afraid of fully committing. One might even argue that if you err on the warmer, more mahogany side, you’re basically working with a neutral. In fact, according to a color psychologist, moody options like these help awaken the senses and often do best in a more-is-more context—we’re talking from the floorboards to the fifth wall—and we’ve got paint recommendations for just that. But even in small doses, like an auburn table lamp in an otherwise neutral scene, the shade can still be a showstopper. If it’s main character energy you’re looking for, here’s how to integrate the hue into your home no matter how much drama you crave.

Left: Courtesy of Guild House; Photography by Jason Varney.
Right: Photography by Laure Joliet; Design by Reath Design.

Saturate the Walls

Create a Focal Point

Set the Table

Make a Moody Vignette