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Even the most impassioned chefs can suffer feelings of leftover dread. Dishing out the remains of a home-cooked meal into plastic containers with mismatched (at best) or missing (at worst) lids that are then haphazardly stuffed inside the refrigerator is a sad scene we—and apparently Our Place—know all too well. The eco-friendly kitchenware brand behind the Internet-famous Always Pan (and, most recently, Always Pan Mini) just released its Container Collection: a trio of securely stackable glass vessels.

Our Place Container Collection, $65-$120

Courtesy of Our Place

While three different sizes are included in the bundled three- or six-piece sets (1.5, 2.25, and 4.25 cups), each lid is conveniently universal—meaning one lid fits all. The silicone tops are cleverly designed with a raised lip that nestles in with the glass base and enables a secure stack for streamlined storage inside overstuffed spaces.

Though the trio, first and foremost, serves as a functional fix to common kitchen organization woes, they also provide a more design-forward take on the existing plastic or Pyrex options available. The Eve (an aquatic teal) and Sunset (a rich amber) colorways are eye-catching, wielding the ability to elevate last night’s leftovers into an Instagram-worthy next-day meal. (There’s also a clear crystalline choice for minimalists.) You can reheat in the microwave or oven without worry, and end the whole affair by popping the containers in the dishwasher for a safe and easy rinse cycle. The lightweight yet durable glass is stain resistant, meaning even the toughest stuff—from red sauce to turmeric-laced curry—won’t stand a chance of sullying your shiny new set.

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