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Plastic is everywhere. It’s at the tip of your fingertips when you’re typing or when you’re holding your beloved toothbrush. We’re literally bombarded by its presence in our homes, our offices, and pretty much wherever we turn.

There’s no denying our impact on the planet—according to Eco Watch, we’ve produced more plastic in the last ten years than during the entirety of the last century. And half of the plastic we do use, we discard after only one use. This means that every day, millions of straws, plastic bags, and utensils are ending up in our landfills and oceans, destroying wildlife and polluting mother nature.

One of the best ways to fight this epidemic is by replacing some of the plastic products we already use by swapping them out for greener alternatives. We’ve put together a list of 32 environmentally-friendly products that will reduce your carbon footprint and help eliminate all those single-use plastic products you buy on the regular. While we can’t change the world overnight, making these small, simple changes to our own habits will make a difference in the long-term.

1. A Stylish Bag for the Environmentally Conscious

Just because you’re trying to save the world doesn’t mean you have to relinquish style! Swap out all those troublesome plastic bags for this sleek number.

Not only is it conveniently built for all your shopping needs, the bag’s large capacity and sturdy build makes it perfect for a day at the beach or that long overdue picnic. What’s not to love here?

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.702027265&type=2&murl=https://www.walmart.com/ip/ChicoBag-Reusable-Shopping-Bag-Pale-Green/941042467″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

2. Hydrate with this tough-as-nails water bottle.

Don’t be fooled by its sleek design—this eco-friendly water bottle is as tough as it is stylish. The Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle also happens to have an insulated handle lid and a narrow mouth opening to reduce spills. Toss it in your gym bag or backpack without fear—it’ll go the distance.

The lightweight bottle also comes in an array of colors for your every mood and will keep your drinks cool (or hot) for hours. Bonus: It comes in several cupholder friendly sizes.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.751663652&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Simple-Modern-Ascent-Water-Bottle-Narrow-Mouth-Vacuum-Insulated-18-8-Stainless-Steel-5-Sizes-30-Colors/751663652″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

3. Save the planet one straw at a time.

You’ve probably heard that plastic straws are on their way out (Seattle is the first major U.S. city to flat out ban them), but this doesn’t mean you have to give straws up altogether. Reusable options like stainless steel drinking straws can help curb our dependence on wasteful plastics and ultimately modify the way we consume.

These straws make a great replacement and are more durable (in my opinion) than the paper ones. Plus, they come with two cleaning brushes.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.112093785&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Greenco-Unbreakable-Stainless-Steel-Reusable-Straws-with-Cleaning-Brush-Set-of-4-Stainless-Steel/112093785″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

4. A Smarter Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Coffee aficionados everywhere can rejoice—reduce your carbon footprint by swapping out those pesky paper filters for the Ekobrew Eilte Reusable KCups.

Not only are they easy to use and fit seamlessly into any Keurig brewer, they’re also easy to clean, so you can now have your coffee and drink it too.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.48937393&type=2&murl=https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ekobrew-Eilte-Reusable-KCup-Stainless-Steel-Reusable-Keurig-Kcup-Filter/34573904″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

5. Jot down all your notes with this reusable notebook.

Instead of wasting an endless amount of paper jotting down notes you eventually toss out, why not erase and write as you go? The Rocketbook Everlast, a reusable smart notebook, allows you to do exactly that: Its 32 reusable pages wipe clean with a damp cloth when used with Pilot FriXion pens.

Now all you need to do is swap out your tattered notebook for this elegant, environmentally-friendly design.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.200450973&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Rocketbook-Everlast-Lettersize/200450973″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

6. An Elegant Lunch Box That Won’t Harm the Planet

A greener option to store your lunch is here with this sustainably made stainless steel lunch box. Perfect for both kids and adults alike—the container holds more than six cups of food in its leak-proof compartment. Feel free to wash the lunchbox without fear of it rusting or eroding with time.

Bonus: You also get the added perk of stainless steel utensils (score!).

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.507588269&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/All-Stainless-Steel-Lunch-Box-3-Compartments-Free-Stainless-Folding-fork-Spoon-included-Dishwasher-Safe-and-BPA-Free/507588269″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

7. Batteries You Can Use Again and Again

Rather than pollute our landfills with toxic chemicals, Rayovac give us a smarter way to use our electronics with their Recharge NiMh AA Batteries.

Their 8-pack of batteries last twice as long as alkaline and come pre-charged and ready to use. In the meantime, the good folks over at Business Insider offer a few tips on how to dispose of all your old batteries.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.14860664&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Rayovac-Recharge-NiMh-AA-Batteries-8-Count/14860664″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

8. These delightful utensils don’t harm the planet.

You no longer have to drag out the heavy silver every time you have a family BBQ—this reusable cutlery set makes being an environmentally friendly host easier than ever.

The 12-piece set of disposable utensils are as smooth as they are strong.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.19504565&type=2&murl=https://www.walmart.com/ip/EcoSouLife-Bamboo-Cutlery-Set-Set-of-12-Navy/39473562″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

9. A Glass Meal Container You Can’t Do Without

Who doesn’t have millions of food containers stuffed in their cabinets? Fortunately, we can easily swap out our plastics for greener options like these 1&2&3 Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers. Keep your food airtight and leak-proof in their eco-friendly and dishwasher-safe glassware.

Reviewers say they’re smitten with the container’s perfect size and convenient use—they’re perfect for bringing lunch to the office!

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.593440024&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/1-2-3-Compartment-Glass-Meal-Prep-Containers-3-Pack-35-Oz/593440024″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

10. This Earth-Friendly Cleaning Kit

Many popular cleaning products are a double negative for the planet (plastic bottles full of toxic chemicals), but it doesn’t have to be this way. Greener options like the JAWS (Just Add Water System) Home Cleaning Kit give us everything we need: an easy-to-use, non-toxic, remarkable way to clean.

Each kit comes with a cleaner for your kitchen, glass, hardwood floor, and shower (this includes an empty bottle, sprayer, and two refill pods).

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.453344325&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Home-Cleaning-Kit-Kitchen-Glass-Shower-Hardwood-2-Refill-Pods-Included-Non-toxic-Eco-friendly-Cleaning-Products-Refill-reuse-Jaws/453344325″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

11. This Stylish, Reusable Coffee Cup

Swapping out plastics for greener alternatives means making small conscious choices every day. If you’ve been using those disposable styrofoam cups in the morning, for instance, opt instead for the Copco Acadia Reusable Togo Mug. It’s BPA free and eco-friendly.

The cup features a 16-ounce capacity for all of your favorite hot or cold drinks.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.148985795&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Copco-Acadia-Reusable-Togo-Mug-Coffee-Cup-Blue-Eco-Friendly/148985795″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

12. Clean up with these plant-based scrub sponges.

You’re finally ready to tackle that pileup of dirty dishes from the weekend. After hours of coaxing yourself into this massive cleanup, you estimate it’s going to take several sponges to get the job done. Enter: Twist Scrub Sponges, the powerful scrubbing material made from 100-percent cactus.

These all-natural sponges contain no added colors or chemicals and are 100 percent biodegradable, so scrub away and toss ‘em out with a clean conscience.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.36258222&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Twist-Scrub-Sponge-3-Ct/36258222″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

13. Keep it green with these elegant soap dispensers.

Ditch the plastic bottles and fill up your bathrooms with these glass refillable soap dispensers by Better Homes and Gardens.

Not only will you save money, you’ll also add an elegant, eco-friendly touch to your home.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.55456565&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Better-Homes-and-Gardens-Double-Soap-or-Lotion-Glass-Dispenser-Pump-Set-Clear-Satin-Brushed-Nickel/55456565″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

14. A Plastic-Free Ice Tray for Every Occasion

Once you start noticing, you’ll find that a lot of seemingly insignificant items are made from plastic. Case in point: your average ice tray. Luckily, the RSVP-INTL ice cube tray, made of stainless steel, is here to save the day (no rhyme intended). Turns out, this two-part system—with easy-release handle—dates back to the ’50s.

Aside from being good for the planet, this novel tray makes for an elegant addition to any dinner party.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.47505060&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/RSVP-INTL-Endurance-Ice-Cube-Tray/47505060″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

15. These Pinterest-worthy kitchen tools are #goals.

Chances are, the kitchen of your dreams is sporting a set of darling wooden utensils like these Home Basics Bamboo Kitchen Cutlery Tool Set. Made from natural resources, the six-piece set is safe to use on all surfaces and will be extra gentle on your pots and pans.

Swapping out your worn out plastic set is a no-brainer once you see these beauties on your countertop.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.36704325&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Home-Basics-Bamboo-Kitchen-Cutlery-Tool-Set-6-Piece/36704325″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

16. A Clever Calculator for Your Budgeting Needs

If you work in an office or are the designated financial planner of your family (or have a child starting their math adventure), you’ve likely been using a traditional calculator made of plastic. Turns out, there’s a better, more eco-friendly option: this Yosoo Bamboo Wooden Solar Calculator.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.163597223&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Yosoo-LCD-Screen-Full-Bamboo-Wooden-Calculator-Powered-by-Solar-Panel-Button-Battery-wooden-calculator-bamboo-calculator/163597223″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

17. This Bamboo Keyboard

But why stop at calculators when you can replace other office items as well? Of course, reducing energy consumption is the goal here, but little things like opting for greener choices is a start. Using the Impecca KBB78BTK Wireless Bamboo Keyboard will leave less of a carbon footprint.

While the handcrafted design is aesthetically appealing, the bamboo material also makes for a comfortable typing experience.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.45083092&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Impecca-KBB78BTK-Compact-Bluetooth-Wireless-Bamboo-Keyboard-Black/45083092″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

18. Swap Out Plastics for These Jazzy Coconut Bowls

We have to admit, these bowls are one of our favorites on this list—there’s something about organic, handmade coconut dishware that transports us to a tropical island sipping a tropical fruit-based drink.

But beyond being just outright cool, the Truly Vegan Coconut Bowl is also unique: Each bowl is crafted from its own coconut shell, meaning, no one else in the entire world will have one like it. And as you guessed it, they’re 100-percent natural.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.891267671&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Coconut-Bowl-with-Wooden-Spoon-Fork-Hand-Made-Reclaimed-Coconut-Water-Shell-Polished-with-Organic-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-by-Truly-Vegan-Set-of-2/891267671″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

19. Food Wraps with a Side of Whimsy

Wrapping up leftovers and chopped veggies are without a doubt one of our biggest daily wastes—thankfully, there’s a new, plastic-free option in town. Introducing: Reusable Food Wraps by Bee’s Wrap. This wondrous, biodegradable item is made of beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin.

Bonus: The wraps let your food breathe so it stays fresher longer and is easily washed in cool water.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.650190833&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bee-s-Wrap-Assorted-Pack-of-9-Reusable-Food-Wraps/650190833″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

20. Stay calm and brush your unruly hair.

Did you know it’s possible to have great hair and go greener? This natural wood hairbrush helps you do exactly that. Say goodbye to plastic hairbrushes and remove all those kinky knots and tangles with this comb’s natural bristles that massages your scalp and promotes blood circulation.

Great for all hair types and for when you’ve just woken up in the morning. Remember: Saving the planet doesn’t mean living with eternal bedhead.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.374971377&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Natural-Wood-Hair-Brush-with-Wooden-Bristles-Massage-Scalp-Comb-and-Massage-Airbag-Beech-Wood-Comb-Silicone-Air-Mattress-Comb-Size-Small/374971377″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

21. Lather up with these recycled loofahs.

Most of us know that our beloved loofahs are not environmentally kind, but what’s the alternative? Ah, glad you asked. Ecotools Loofah Sponges let you cleanse and exfoliate without the guilt!

Perfect for baths and showers alike, these handcrafted puffs are made from fully recyclable material. So while not biodegradable like the other items on this list, it’s a good alternative to the regular options you’d find.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.29304348&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/EcoTools-Loofah-Sponge-1-0-CT/29304348″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

22. Help Mother Nature by using these washable bags.

We all know grocery bags are no good, but equally bad are those tiny bags from the produce aisle. But fear not, Spigo reusable mesh bags are exactly what you need.

Carry them in your larger grocery tote and use them for keeping all your fruits and veggies in place. Unlike plastic, these bags let your produce breathe so they don’t sweat, but no worries if they get stained: they’re both foldable and washable.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.169698942&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Spigo-Reusable-and-Washable-Mesh-Produce-Bags-5-Count-12×14-Inches/169698942″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

23. Beautify yourself with this cruelty-free makeup brush set.

In one of our most giftable items yet, Ecotools’ bamboo makeup brush set, is one you’ll want to keep all for yourself. Made of recycled, cruelty-free materials, these double-sided brushes are as posh as they are durable.

Bonus: They come in a fabulous dual-pocket cosmetic bag that you’ll want to carry everywhere.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.911283367&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Authentic-Organic-Natural-EcoTools-BAMBOO-Starter-Makeup-Brush-Set-Eco-Tools-Make-up-11-piece-makeup-and-starter-set/911283367″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

24. Power your smartphone using the sun’s rays.

We’re not asking you to give up your iPhone, but you can choose to consume less energy with this foldable USB solar charger, which allows you to charge all your devices with the power of the sun.

Pro tip: Use it as an excuse to get some much-needed rays and explore the outdoors. The charger is good for smartphones and tablets.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.566753199&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dual-USB-Ports-11W-Foldable-Solar-Charger-for-Smart-Phone-Portable-Pad-More/566753199″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]

25. Dry off your dining ware with these reusable dish towels.

Keep things clean and green with these 100 percent organic cotton dishcloths. Made with non-toxic dyes and soft, absorbent cotton, these towels are tougher than they look; plus, their little loops give you that extra bit of scrubbing power.

Use the set of three to keep your dishes and glassware shiny and dry, then toss them in the washing machine after.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.636448443&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Full-Circle-Tidy-100-Organic-Cotton-Kitchen-Towel/636448443″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

26. Swap out your plastics for these Earth-friendly toothbrushes.

If you look around, you’ll start to see all the ways plastic has seeped into your life. Even your toothbrush is made of plastic. The good news is that we can now check another item off our list of swaps: These 100 percent natural bamboo toothbrushes are here to make this transition seamless with their charcoal infused bristles.

Not only are they sustainable and renewable, this set of four brushes will help you lead a green life without relinquishing quality.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.705139196&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Eco-friendly-Natural-Bamboo-Toothbrush-100-Organic-Biodegradable-Medium-Bristle-BPA-Free-Charcoal-Infused-Bristles-Kids-Adults-4-pack-Black/705139196″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

27. Go green and hang up your clothes in style.

When you open your closet, what’s hanging inside? If the answer is plastic, these wooden hangers by J.S. Hangers offer the perfect solution with their elegantly hand-crafted hangers.

Each one comes with a non-slip rubberized rounded bar to prevent creasing or wrinkling. They also have 360-degree rotating rustproof hooks.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.136482607&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/J-S-Hanger-Gugertree-Wooden-Extra-Wide-Shoulder-Suit-Hangers-Wood-Coat-Hangers-Pant-Hangers-Natural-Finish-5-Pack/136482607″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

28. This Eco-Friendly, Chill Out Dinnerware

Plastic plates may be an easy, convenient option for dinner parties, but let’s face it: They are bad news for the environment. Swapping to Brheez disposable palm leaf plates gives you the best of both worlds: scrub-free nights and a guilt-free conscience.

They are 100 percent natural and possess no chemicals, dyes, glue, or wax!

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.532064778&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/Brheez-Disposable-Palm-Leaf-Plates-Eco-Friendly-Biodegradable-Compostable-Elegant-Square-Dinner-Party-Bamboo-Wood-Style-Dishware-8-25-Pack/532064778″]Get them from Walmart[/link-button]

29. Do away with plastic bottles with this solid shampoo bar.

Finally, a way to nourish your mane without hurting mother nature. With J.R. Liggett’s Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoo, you’re getting a fragrance-free unique and natural formula.

The ingredients include tea tree oil, hemp oil, almond oil, and coconut oil, specially designed for those who have allergies.

[link-button href=”http://linksynergy.walmart.com/link?id=ApGpk/EEOUQ&offerid=589042.26967396&type=2&murl=http://www.walmart.com/ip/J-R-Liggett-s-Old-Fashioned-Bar-Shampoo-Tea-Tree-and-Hemp-Oil-Formula-3-5-oz/26967396″]Get it from Walmart[/link-button]