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It’s almost cliché at this point to say that the best weed accessories are actually chic and well-considered items that you’ll want to put on display in your home. But it’s true: Today’s stoner sidekicks are certifiably stylish and made from the kind of materials (concrete to colored glass) previously reserved for high-end objets. Here, we’ve collected the best weed accessories we’ve seen lately that just so happen to be highly designed (hee-hee).

The Vape You’ll Want to Share: The Zenco Duo

Zenco Duo, Zenco ($249)

This tabletop vape features interchangeable glassware, which makes it the perfect addition to a dinner party. Revelers can fill and inhale from their own glasses (the To Go is a crowd favorite), no sharing of germs required. It automatically heats and fills with the press of a button, and includes thread compatibility so you can enjoy both flower and concentrates. When the party’s over, toss the glasses in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes.

A New Design-y Bong That’s Shatter Resistant: Old Donna Water Bong

old donna bongs
Water Bong, Old Donna ($120)

The days of Gatorade bottles and carved-up apples are behind us, hopefully. Old Donna’s water bongs have a lot going for them, as does the queer-owned design studio. These vessels are heatproof and shatter resistant. Plus they’re easy to handle and even nicer to look at.

The Ashtray You’ll Put on Display: Houseplant Concrete Ashtray

Shopping Guides photo
Concrete Ashtray, Houseplant ($115 was $150)

Seth Rogen, yes, the Seth Rogen, is one of the brilliant minds behind Houseplant’s range of design-y weed accessories—so you know they must be good. This ashtray is actually his own design: The cup’s high walls keeps ashes (and roaches) contained, while the groove along the top can hold a joint. This groovy pattern is a more moderately priced spin on his original Gloopy one. 

Smokable Checkers: Go Easy Checked Out Rolling Papers

Shopping Guides photo
Checked Out Rolling Papers, Go Easy ($10)

The enduring pattern comes for weed accessories, and we’re okay with that. These 1 ¼ rolling papers from Go Easy boast a magnet booklet and printed filter tips—everything you need except for a little flower. 

A High Design Pipe for Your Buds: Laundry Day Cube Pipe [P-010]

laundry day pipe
Ashtray A001, Laundry Day ($125)

Everything about this borosilicate chrome pipe is chic. For one, it’s actually two products: Yes, you can smoke with it, but it’s also an excellent incense holder.

The Edible You’ll Take Everywhere: Rose Los Angeles Strawberry Singles

rose delights
Rose Los Angeles Strawberry Singles, Gossamer ($40)

If you’re someone who snacks rather than smokes, Rose Los Angeles’s delights are hard to beat. The Turkish Delight–style chews are made with local ingredients and flower rosin that are pressed in-house. We’re very into the strawberry flavor, and the brand also sells several other styles—for energy, sleep, or just pure enjoyment—on its website

For When Every Day Is Your Birthday: Edie Parker Candle One-Hitter

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Candle One Hitter, Edie Parker ($26 was $35)

You know those people who celebrate their birthday month? We can forgive them if they’re toting this ultra-cool glass one-hitter that would make every day feel festive. Just stuff the flower in the base (it’s the bowl) and take a toke from the wick end. Suddenly getting older doesn’t seem so bad.  

One Joint to Go: Another Room Joint Locker

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Another Room Joint Locker, Tetra ($24)

Pack your lighter and a joint together in Another Room’s joint locker, which comes in a very attractive green or matte black. The 3D-printed case—made from plant-based plastics—fits a Bic lighter and has a screw cap to keep your rolled smoke safe. That way, you can light up from anywhere.

Roll With Your Homies: Superette Rolling Tray

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Rolling Tray, Superette ($8)

If you’re queuing up another episode of Seinfeld to decompress, pull out this rolling tray. Bonus: The trippy pattern lends enough of a cool factor to keep it out on the coffee table as an incense-burning spot when not in use as a joint resting place.

Storage That Makes You Smile: The Tulip Set

Tulip Set, Tulip ($171 was $295)

We love Tulip’s lockable tackle-box-style containers that come with canisters for loose flower, joints, and more. The fact that it’s available in baby blue and sage green? Say no more.

You Won’t Look Like Popeye, We Swear: Vessel Pipe

Rose gold pipe
Pipe in Rose Gold, Vessel ($70)

This offering from Vessel can hold up to 1 gram of flower—meaning this pipe was meant for sharing. (Or not, but that’s on you.) The copper spiral lid isn’t just a pretty detail; it helps cool and and filter your hit. And we promise the design doesn’t give off any cartoon sailor vibes.