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It’s unfair but true: Weed smokers haven’t always had a reputation for being aesthetes. But Seth Rogen and Mikey Mohr are here to change all that, thanks to Houseplant, their certifiably chic line of cannabis-adjacent products, from marbled rolling trays to ceramic ashtrays designed by Rogen himself. 

“Stoners can have nice things,” Rogen tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the latest episode of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out today on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “And stoners want nice things. Just because you smoke a lot of weed, or you have friends who smoke weed, or you like to host people who smoke weed, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want your things to reflect your sensibility in the same way you’d want your furniture, your paints, your wallpaper, your clothing, whatever other things you surround yourself with to represent who you are as well.”

In the episode, Rogen and Mohr share more about their rigorous product-testing process, Seth’s pandemic-inspired entry into ceramics, and how they fight back against inequalities in the cannabis industry. They also answered all our Never Have I Ever questions. Here’s a sneak peek. 

Never have I ever…lied and said a bong was a vase.

Rogen: I have never done that.

Never have I ever…cried while building IKEA furniture.

Rogen: I never have because I’m actually very good at building IKEA furniture.

Mohr: I never have because I have Seth build my IKEA furniture.

Never have I ever…bought a piece of decor with a phrase on it. 

Mohr: I did this recently. 

Rogen: “Live, laugh, love”?

Mohr: It was a piece of original art by Justin Bieber that says “Not today, Satan.” I may or may not be the largest collector of Justin Bieber art.

Rogen: We own the most ashtrays and the most Justin Bieber paintings.

Never have I ever…arranged my books by color.

Rogen: I might have a couple books on my side table that are there…I think they maybe, coincidentally, wound up there and then I noticed that they were complementary colors. And I was like, I’m gonna leave them there.

Mohr: Never in my home, but at some of our hotels we would think of that type of merchandising. There are actually companies out there where you can buy sets of books in the color you want them in.

Never have I ever…shopped at HomeGoods.

Rogen: What is that? Is that a website? 

Mohr: I don’t think I have. I’m sorry to disappoint.

Rogen: Sorry. I’m looking on the website right now. Ooh, they have geodes! Giant rocks. The Idea Shop! I like the Idea Shop!