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Sophia Bush’s dream role has nothing to do with showing up on the big screen. The actor and well-known activist is most passionate about the part she plays in creating a happy, healthy planet. To kick off the job, she recently partnered with manufacturing company 3M to reveal the brand’s Climate Innovation Center in Manhattan’s Battery Park, where visitors can see, touch, and learn about new future-proofing materials that are accessible to homeowners. Essentially, the pop-up is a place for people to be empowered to scale up their impact with their own renovations. “We can’t ask for it if we don’t know about it,” shares Bush. “The U.N. climate report is very doom and gloom; touring this center and realizing solutions exist was the little sliver of hope I needed.”    

We spoke with the star to learn more about how she’s striving to be more sustainable at home, and it inspired us to make both big and small changes. Here are updates to make to your space stat.  

Switch Out One-Hit Wonders

Top of Bush’s to-do list? Replace her single-use plastics with items like reusable snack bags, mesh produce totes, and glass containers (she uses the latter to carry her drinks home from her local coffee shop). The actor also shared that she and her husband shop almost exclusively at farmers’ markets. “The things we eat don’t really have to travel very far to get to us,” she explains. As a plus, they’re also supporting the growers in their community.

Start in Your Own Backyard

After spending so much time at home during the pandemic, Bush decided her kitchen compost bin needed an upgrade. Now she has a three-section system built in her backyard for organic waste. She encourages homeowners to become a neighborhood resource and invite those nearby to bring their scraps over as well. “It’s like a block party for the environment!” she says. The couple also has a garden, chickens, and a beehive that recently produced 60 pounds of honey. 

Leverage Necessary Home Repairs for Larger Changes

Whether you’re planning for a renovation or on track for routine home maintenance, Bush emphasizes the importance of staying on top of innovative materials so you can put in a request with your contractor ASAP. Time to update the shingles? Cool Roofing Granules bounce sunlight away from your house. Looking for more natural light? Sun Control Window Film can reject up to 60 percent of heat. Both make up the ideal supporting cast for superhero homeowners.

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