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Whether you enjoy the taste of Kendall Jenner’s infamous 818 tequila, which launched in the spring of last year and was met fairly immediately with criticism for its appropriation of Mexican culture, her selection of merch has undoubtedly fueled its popularity. Signature trucker hats, lush-looking sweatshirts, and heavy-duty coolers are just a few of the brand’s creations, but its latest drop caught our attention. To celebrate the arrival of its Añejo Reserve, 818 has released a handmade ceramic decanter created by Milan-based industrial designer Valerio Sommella and produced by local artisans in Pachuca, Mexico, the town in which the alcohol is preserved. The fluid shape of the Eight Reserve reimagines 818’s typical glass vessel, while the tequila continues the company’s effort to achieve a smooth expression. 

After admiring the container’s fluid (and label-less) form, we realized that it bears a striking resemblance to a product we’ve seen many times before: H&M Home’s circular ceramic vase. Featuring a cutout center, the vessel (available in two sizes, starting at $17) essentially looks like an Eight Reserve bottle that’s been sliced in half. And while you might not be able to make a tasty spicy margarita with it, the H&M find would make an artful addition to your bar cart. 

Of course, the beauty of both objects is that you can ultimately fill them with fresh blooms (if you want to keep anything alive in the 818 one, though, you’ll have to make quite a few cocktails first). Whether yours holds dried pampas grass or rich tequila, your home is bound to benefit from this organic touch.