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Countertop composting’s biggest drawbacks: buzzing gnats and funky smells. We think it’s safe to say nobody wants either in their kitchen, but the outcome (homegrown plant food) is worth the search for a solution. For one, countertop compost bins make it easy to be a little more green in even the smallest space. They’re simple to clean, too, and often roomier than they look. The best ones have tiny design tweaks that make the whole process easier. And one of our favorites, from Food52’s in-house line, Five Two, is 44 percent off for Labor Day. 

Five Two Down-to-Earth Compost Bin

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Five Two Down-to-Earth Compost Bin, Food 52 ($29 was $49)

Kate McGregor, our associate design editor, has lived with this sleek 1.5-gallon bucket (complete with a close-tight lid and stretchy silicone handle) for enough time to give you the lowdown: “Five months later, and this compost bin is still one of my favorite kitchen tools. It can handle anything with no smell (literally, not even a whiff) and, more important, no gnats!” The smooth interior means no place for scraps to hide, and it doesn’t require you to replace pesky charcoal filters.

“I will say, it works fast—if I skip a week of drop-offs or put too many juicy veggies in at once, it gets a little gross, which is normal,” she adds. “But when it’s emptied, I can just pop it in the dishwasher and it’s fresh for another week.” 

If you’re looking to stock up on other home and kitchen goods, the entire Five Two line is up to 50 percent off.